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Time to Die by Caroline Mitchell: Review

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TTD pb CoverBook Details
Title: Time To Die
Author: Caroline Mitchell
Published: September 2015
Publisher: Bookouture [only one of my Top favorite Publisher]
Format reviewed: eBook
Rating: 4 stars

Time to Die falls into a genre I have rarely read before. However, I got an eCopy thanks to the generous publishers approving me this title on NetGalley.

Initially I was curious due to the Twitter Buzz around this Paranormal Thriller, the Blogging world raving about it & most importantly the reviews which stated it was Creepy and Scary. Now, I have never read scary books. Living in India I have heard enough scary, ghost, paranormal, supernatural – you name it stories. So I definitely wanted to know what was Creepy & scary in this story.

Another selling point for this title is the Author’s personal experience with paranormal activities. This meant she knew what she was talking about and not just making it up for the sake of Fiction. Nothing against creating stories, but it adds another dimension when someone speaks and writes from experience.

The story follows Jennifer Knight, Detective with a Paranormal Unit, following clues to catch a serial killer. In the process she realizes she very well might be his obsession and the next victim at the same time. There is danger, vulnerabilities and fear lurking around the town and to keep them company are Ravens, a Tarot reader and untimely deaths. The Detective is courageous in the face of all such odds and the paranormal activities going on around her.

At the same time she gives her personal life & romantic relationships a chance & time however limited she has. So it’s not just about serial killers, ghosts, Ravens and Creepy stuff you also get to see a bit of her personal side.

It didn’t matter that I was used to scary stories, the story still creeped me out. The little things like the Ravens appearing, the Detective communicating with the killer, wait for it, through the psychic medium had me screaming silently. If I wasn’t howling out loud I was definitely at the edge of it with this fantastic thriller. For a while I felt it will end in either the Detective or the Killer dead. However I was in for a surprise with the twist towards the end. Though the main characters survived it left me biting me nails about what will happen next.

The Paranormal activities, the situations and their backdrops paint a picture which definitely make you sit at the edge of your chair, one eye closed and nervously reading on to see what happens next. Time to Die is book 2 in the DC Jennifer Knight Crime Thriller series; I haven’t read the 1st book, but was able to get a grasp on the story.

My advice: If scary discourages you, get the book still; just don’t read it alone with an open window nearby especially if there’s a tree outside the window.

Comment and tell me what you think of the book and share your experiences of the other world.

Reviewed by Bharti

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