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Marrying Mr. English Part 2 by Katy Regnery – Book Review


I am back on Blueberry Lane to complete my review of Mr. and Mrs. English, Senior’s love story, now that Part 2 is OUT TODAY [12/18/2015]


Part 1 is, how the couple meet and get married in Vegas, “Happily for now” and in Part 2 we see how they begin their life together as a couple and create their “Happily ever after” ending. Read my Part 1 Review here

The first novella was included in the 12 CHRISTMAS ROMANCES TO MELT YOUR HEART anthology. This is not a standalone novella. You must read MARRYING MR. ENGLISH, Part 1 first!


Title: Marrying Mr. English Part 2 – An English Brothers Novella.
Author and Publisher: Katy Regnery
Published: December 18, 2015
Format reviewed: eBook
Rating: 5 stars

My Thoughts:

A breathtaking love story, is my initial reaction post reading part 2 of Tom and Ellie’s story. Yes, I quite like them as Tom and Ellie and think of them as the senior sweethearts on the Blueberry Lane. A beautiful example of how love overcomes the curve balls life throws at you and tests you when you rebel. Not all love stories emerge victorious after their initial rebel to be together; this one does and everyone lives HEA. A perfect beginning for the parents of the, oh so, highly lovable English Brothers.

Part 1 ends with Tom and Ellie at the doorstep of their new life together. With no money and jobs and just a few reliable contacts they set out to conquer the odds and build their lives from scratch. All the while keeping the fire of their burning strong and resisting temptations from Tom’s family to break them up. Seeing how the young couple think on their feet and Tom experiencing life like never before is heartwarming. A thing which struck me well was how they kept their minds open and took life head on. While Ellie was used to living with next to nothing, it was all new for Tom who never had to get his own grocery. With love as the motivator he went along with Ellie by his side and experienced what newly married couple go through and held his own. Love and respect for each other were the emotional glue in their relationship, absence of which might have broken them up. This makes you question or remember what your motivators are, your emotional glue while teaching you a thing or 2 about being newly married. It takes work if you want a happily ever after, so don’t give up when it gets a bit rough or tough.

Coming for scattered families both Tom and Ellie long for a big family and it’s my favorite thing in the story when Ellie brings the English family together despite the initial bitterness she received from them. Something about her gentleness, her patience, her faith in him, made hot tears sting his eyes’ I know Men usually don’t get all teary eyed but it takes a simple, gentle yet oodles of character in a women to make a man cry just without saying a word. Ellie is a top woman and I like her, she looks past the rejection and makes an effort for their growing family to be accepted back in the English family fold. Yes, Barrett was on the way. He could have had the easy way out and let Tom stay away from his family and the children not knowing their Grandfather; or taking money from his family and disappearing, instead she made Tom and her Dream of having a big family possible. After all, their love story is ‘between a dream and miracle’.

In the end love and strength of character conquers all; Tom and Ellie get their Gaggle of children and we the readers a bunch of sweet, sexy English Brothers to swoon over.

Get your copy today and experience the sweet and strong emotions of this beautiful love story.

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My favorite Lines from the story

The lovely Ladies [Sejla and Selma Ibrahimpasic] on Katy’s Facebook group have made some lovely teasers for the release of this book and this is my favorite.


A dream and a Miracle

The most perfect place in the world… is anywhere with you.

Little Beth or Barrett. Right that their child should be named after Elizabeth Barrett Browning. After all, their mutual love for her poetry had lit the fire of passion between them from the very beginning.

I would love for you to know Katy, read her brilliant writing and be part of her Facebook group. For more details on all visit her website.


Reviewed by Bharti

One thought on “Marrying Mr. English Part 2 by Katy Regnery – Book Review

  1. Bharti, Great review! After reading the English Brothers series, I must say Eleanora came as quite a surprise. A very pleasant one I might add. Katy did a wonderful job of taking us back in time, and reintroducing us not only to Eleanora and Tom, but to the younger-self of other characters as well. Her writing, as always, draws you in, and like a favorite wrap, she cloaks you in the warmth of love as she weaves a magic tale of happily ever after.


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