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Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan – Book Review


Sarah Morgan is an author I was intrigued by this year and I was itching to read 1 of her books. When I started this blog last month, I was in luck and managed to get a review copy from the generous team [Sarah H] at Midas PR.

I know it is almost Christmas and you must be busy, give me 5 minutes. If you receive this book as a Christmas present I can assure you that you will Love this Story. It gets 5 stars & adds Sarah Morgan on my list of favorite authors.

Christmas Ever After is Book 3 in the Puffin Island Trilogy, you can read it standalone as I did. However, the beauty of the island and the warmth & friendship of the story will make you crave for the previous 2 stories in the series. I have Book 1 ready to be devoured as soon as I can manage and hope Santa brings me a copy of Book 2.


Title: Christmas Ever After [Puffin Island Trilogy, Book 3]
Author: Sarah Morgan
Publisher: Mira UK
Published: November 2015
Format reviewed: eBook
Rating: 5 stars


Just in time for Christmas stockings, a sparkling new book from No. 1 bestselling Sarah Morgan about Christmas magic. Set in the wintry streets of London and among the snowy pines and crackling fireplaces of Puffin Island, Christmas Ever After is a love story of first impressions, cynical quips, and starting over, perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Trisha Ashley and Julia Williams.  

Passionate artist Skylar Tempest should be on top of the world: she’s just landed her first private viewing in a gallery in London, it’s almost Christmas, and her Senator ‘manfriend’ has just proposed. But in a single moment of violence, Skylar’s entire world shifts. The fact that Alec Hunter, famed TV historian and utter cynic, is the only one around to help her, only makes things worse. Unsure of herself, her relationship and her choices, Skylar retreats home to Puffin Island, Maine.

Ready to snuggle up and face the winter nights alone in reflection – along with some cookies and wine – Skylar is shocked to find Alec is also spending the winter on Puffin Island. As they are constantly thrown together, Skylar is surprised to find her dislike of Alec is turning into an intense and irresistible attraction. Both bearing scars from previous relationships, can these two learn to trust one another in time for a Christmas miracle?

Professions of the main characters: Maritime Historian and Artist.

My Thoughts:

The story is Perfect for me in every way. There will be readers who will agree or disagree with that; each to his own, right. So let me tell you why it is a perfect story for me.

The main characters, Alec and Sky, who simply tolerate each other as a courtesy to their common set of friends, are thrown together by circumstances. Much against their will they are literally thrown together in one room and that’s the beginning of them. What follows is Attraction, Lust, Friendship and ultimately Love. Quite a lovely sequence, full of fireworks and laughs I might add.

Their trying to push each other away, flirting, mutual attraction or, like I say, Lust is pure chemistry, simple and hot. It keeps you turning the pages for more and so much fun to read about. Their chemistry is scorching and raw and feels as natural as breathing. But there’s more, like Alec’s chivalry, protective nature and Sky’s halfhearted resistance to this side of Alec, which she totally & secretly digs. A chain of events see them spending time with Alec’s family in England, which is great family fun; and some alone yet fun time on the remote Puffin Island with appearances from their close friends. All this time together results in a bond of friendship, respect for each others passions and some much needed TLC, with loads of dizzying and hot kisses, playing in the snow and getting to know each other well. As they spend more time together the mutual hatred is turned into mutual attraction and love. What worked in their favor is, they are honest with each other and are just themselves in front of each other, no pretenses or lies. There were scary, happy and terrifying moments when they felt more than friendship and feared their own feelings, doubted themselves with each others heart. But together they overcame their fears and accepted their love for each other. A happy romantic ending you see.

The background of Puffin Island, the friends and the Christmas atmosphere is bliss and a beautiful touch in the story. The bunch of friends and their bond is aspirational. I can definitely see how someone like Alec and Sky can feel the pull of these remote islands with just a few close friends near. The island and friendship is like a soothing balm to the soul. The world and its issues are easily manageable when you are on Puffin Island surrounded by friends and love.

My favorite emotions in the story:

1: Alec’s personality from his brooding, caring to his fun side is simply perfect and to match him is Sky’s lighter side and resilience.

2: Friendship, not just between the girls but between Alec and Sky as well.

3: The Christmas with a mountain of gifts for Sky and the happiness among the group of friends just brings smiles and happy tears while reading.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Puffin Islands, hope you do too.

Get your copy now.

Amazon US | Amazon India

For more on Sarah and her magical books visit her website.


PS: Merry Christmas 🙂

Reviewed by Bharti

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