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The Teacher by Katerina Diamond, Book Review

This is an exciting week book wise and first up is Blog Tour – Book review of The Teacher by Katerina Diamond.


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Title: Teacher

Author: Katerina Diamond

Publisher: Avon Books UK

Published: March 2016

Format Reviewed: eBook

Rating: 4 stars


You think you know who to trust?

You think you know the difference between good and evil?

You’re wrong …


The body of the head teacher of an exclusive Devon school is found hanging from the rafters in the assembly hall.

Hours earlier he’d received a package, and only he could understand the silent message it conveyed. It meant the end.

As Exeter suffers a rising count of gruesome deaths, troubled DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles must solve the case and make their city safe again.

But as they’re drawn into a network of corruption, lies and exploitation, every step brings them closer to grim secrets hidden at the heart of their community.

And once they learn what’s motivating this killer, will they truly want to stop him?


This is a psychological crime thriller in a class of its own.

Warning: Most definitely *not* for the faint hearted!

My Thoughts

The way I see, Fiction is either of the 2 things –

1: Fictional i.e. the author telling a story whose situations/possibility is too good to be true.  Or

2: A story based on/ inspired by facts of life that no one usually talks about or wants to accept as Truths.

The teacher belongs to the 2nd category. Some facts and experiences of life which have the power to change you completely as a person. Facts that are more affecting, true and real to the ones who experience it.

It is a story of the age old battle of Right and Wrong. A story in which a few powerful people take it in their hands to right things they see as wrong. It is true that certain things in life are clearly distinct as right or wrong but some things are up for debate. Human behavior is as much debatable as predictable. All is calm, until certain people deem themselves to be God or acting on his instructions take it in their hands to get rid of the wrong in society. Wrong according to them, even though they maybe fraction of the universe they make the world tilt towards them with power, money to justify their actions. And that’s when things start to go against the wave and we witness kidnappings, torture, murders and the dark side of humanity.

While our characters battle out the rights and wrongs, the police detectives see it from an opposite point of view and try to catch up with the one’s on the dark stage. At this point only the victim knows what’s happened, is happening and would happen. While we will meet him in different situations, under a disguise he will only reveal his true self towards the end and that’s when we get to decide if he did the right thing or not.

In this story while there are a few tiny rays of sunshine, they too are subjective to the reader. Some may say these moments of hope are illegal and wrong, then again who’s to say what’s final when it comes to right and wrong. Some would say exacting revenge is right others would get scared and scream how wrong or illegal it is. Not everyone believes in ‘An eye for an eye’. That said not everyone loses an eye or knows how the victim feels or is able to live with all the baggage.

Revenge is not the answer always, but to decide if it is, I need to be at the center of it, the one asking the right question.

Without giving away the exact topic I want you to know that this is a story of right and wrong. Of torture, murder, deaths and revenge with a shred of hope in the end. It is a difficult topic and you won’t really know the one who is exacting the revenge or his victims until he faces them to end them. The story unfolds with each murder, so be patient and persevere through it and it’s not a story for the faint hearted, trust me when I say that.

It is a pleasure, as a bookworm, to see more and more debut authors tackling unusual, sometimes difficult topics with success and beauty and Katerina is one such debut author. Looking forward to see what she comes up with next.

Also, the author Katerina Diamond has written an exclusive short story based around The Teacher, which she wrote especially for the tour. It is split into 10 parts and you can read it in parts on the first 10 blogs mentioned in the image below. Also, check out the remaining stops on the Blog Tour for reviews and/or excerpts.



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About the author:

Katerina Diamond was born in Weston in the seventies, and her parents owned a fish and chip shop in the Greek community. She moved to Thessaloniki in Greece and attended Greek school where she learnt Greek in just 6 months. After her parents’ divorce, they relocated to Devon. After school, and working in her uncle’s fish and chip shop, she went (briefly) to university at Derby, where she met her husband and had two children. Katerina now lives in the East Kent Coast with her husband and children. This is her first novel. More on her blog.

Buy Links:

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Amazon UK

Reviewed by Bharti

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