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#PaperHaul subscription box – Product review

2nd Product Review on 27 Book Street is of the #PaperHaul a themed monthly box of paper goodies by Creative Crafts, a Scotland based subscription service.

#paperhaul box

I did the 1st product review on the blog back in November last year when I started the blog. For the next product review I wanted a product/ subscription service which I will 100% use. That is when I came across #PaperHaul a themed monthly box of paper goodies from Creative Crafts. I am a member of Girl Gang – a positive group of bloggers on Twitter, created by Jemma of Dorkface Blog, she was the featured artist for the February 2016#paperhaul box. That’s how I came across them on Twitter via the #TheGirlGang account. At the time boxes were available to bloggers for review, I put in a request with the #PaperHaul team and got the March box recently. I received the box at the end of the month, huge shipping time and all to reach India.

Reviewing this box was an easy choice as the timing was right and I do love collection cute stationery and paper goods. Also, I have recently caught the Planner bug while I was looking for ways to plan and keep my blog organized. There is huge, crazy community dedicated to Planners and Stationery out there complete with crazy following and uploads on social media. To follow my #planner antics, check out my Instagram account.

What I want to accomplish in this review is how the contents fare from an Indian point of view in terms of similar options available locally, the quality and creative factor of the products. I will not compare the designs as every month the #paperhaul features exclusive designs from an artist, like this month’s designs are by Julie Goolding. The theme is Black and white in colour and the designs are such that they look like coloring pages. You can use the items as is or run with your imagination and fill them with pretty colors and add your own touches. Rest assured you will not catch the very same products out in the local shops.

Let me start by listing the contents:


Pocket Notebook

1 lined pocket size notebook, closer to an A6 notebook. The outer cover has an Owl print on the front and is covered with mini owls on the inside, the card is thick and of good quality. The inside pages are regular lined paper and once the pages are filled you can replace them easily by keeping the same outer cover. A little DIY project for future. The size of the book is great to keep in your bag and handy for travel. Pocket books are available everywhere so think of this item as a quirky addition to your bag for scribbling travel or quick notes on the go. I love the OWL design in paper products and this one’s a good addition to my collection.


Postcards and Washi Tape Roll
Postcards and Washi Tape Roll

Postcards 2 nos, and 1 roll of Washi tape. The postcards each have Love and Hope written on the front. They will work great as inspiration cards or as part of #HappyMail. I don’t see postcards widely available online or in shops in India. The Washi tape design is that of the hogs, black on a white background. If you zoom in on your screens you can have a closer look at the design. This is my most favorite item in the box since the options available in India do not compare in terms of quality; if there are good options available online, I am yet to come across them.


Greeting Card with Envelope
Greeting Card with Envelope

Next up is a Greeting card which says Be Positive in the front. The inside is empty and like I said before you can add colors and make it your own. It comes with an envelope and a twine in blue white color. The ones available locally are the mass produced Hallmark cards, the blank cards are still rare.


Mini cards and Stickers
Mini cards and Stickers

Then we have 3 mini cards with envelopes, 3 different designs and 5th and the last item is 3 stickers in designs similar to the ones on the mini cards. I haven’t come across mini cards except at Hallmark stores that too not very often.

All the items in the box can be used as is or in various other ways for planning, journaling or scrap booking. At least the ones I don’t send or give away to someone. The quality of the cards and envelopes is great, which is definitely a major plus.

Now, speaking from an Indian point of view, the availability of similar items locally is limited, cost wise it’s more or less the same as these. I keep hearing people on Social Media say that bought some great paper products in India at the small, quaint cottage shops in the popular tourist destinations. That’s the thing they are only available there and not online, so not easily accessible you see. The online products I have come across are few and far and on the expensive side, usually mass produced ones.

About #PaperHaul

For the stationery addict!

Become a member of an exclusive and exciting club that celebrates great design and high quality stationery. #paperhaul is a monthly box that brings you a surprise and exclusive collection of co-ordinated paper goods, featuring a different illustrator each time.

Boxes typically contain (contents will vary slightly each month):

  • Greeting card + envelope
  • Two A6 postcards
  • Three gift tags or a sheet or stickers
  • A6 notebook
  • Roll of exclusive custom washi tape
  • Mini notecards + envelopes

For every #paperhaul box sold, we donate 10p to UK charity PostPals! Read more here →

My thoughts: The cost of the #paperhaul box is 10 GBP + 6 GBP for shipping to India which makes it 16 GBP roughly equal to 1600 INR and that makes it expensive. My only sore point with the whole box is the shipping costs, making it a once in a while treat and not monthly.

My first impression of the box is – Good. The items are pretty self-explanatory so an information card is not really necessary.


Quantity: 4/5. The no. of items, 11; I would have loved a pen in the box.

Quality: 5/5

Cost: 4/5. The shipping costs make my budget go crazy.

Overall: 4/5.

I hope I get another box soon, if you liked the box and order one for yourself in the future, do share your experiences with me in the comments or on Social media.

To order one for yourself, click on the links mentioned at the start of the post.

Reviewed by Bharti


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