Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Would like to meet by Polly James

Time for another Cover Reveal, for this one bookworms will squeal a bit like I totally did.


About the book:

Author: Polly James
Publisher: AvonUK
Publishes: 30th June 2016 in ebook and paperback


New Life. New Love. New Me.

Maybe the worst thing that’s ever happened to Hannah Pinkman could also turn out to be one of the best?

She and her husband Dan have reached the end of the line. Bored with the same old arguments, the same old gripes – in fact, bored with everything – they split up after a trivial row turns into something much more serious on New Year’s Eve.

Now Hannah has to make a new life for herself, but that’s not easy when she’s been so busy being a wife and mum that she’s let all her other interests slip away, along with her friends. And what should she do when her “best match” on a dating site is the very last person she wants it to be?

A clever, funny and poignant novel about life after a long relationship, the importance of friendship, and rediscovering your identity.

About the Author

Polly James was born in Swansea, but now lives in Norwich, which she finds short of hills, but full of writers.

She works as a freelance editor, but has had a variety of different jobs in the past, including teaching dance, designing clothes and cards, and working for two different Members of Parliament. She has found something to laugh about in all of them.

Polly’s writing career began as the blogger known as Molly Bennett. Her Mid-Wife Crisis blog went on to be shortlisted for the Orwell Prize, and then became the basis for her first novel, Diary of an Unsmug Married.

I loved the movie ‘You’ve got mail’ and am looking forward to read this title. Pre order your own copy soon.

Buy Links:

Amazon India.

Words by Bharti

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