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The Superhero Soul by Dilip Bathija, Book Review

Now that my TBR is under control, I can finally dedicate some time to reading Non-Fiction and 1st such title I read is The Superhero Soul, it fulfills another reading goal of mine for 2016 which is to read more books by male authors.

There comes a time in your life when you know that working hard isn’t enough, you need to dream bigger, aim higher and attempt the impossible to achieve that something, which has been missing from your life so far. Being a bibliophile, what better than to rope in the help from a fellow Indian who happens to know a thing or 4 about achieving happiness, success and that elusive superhero status. So I am more than happy to have read his debut book and on the way picked up valuable tips on the secrets of success, happiness and greatness. After all we all have at some point in our lives aspired to achieve greatness and inspire others. Let me tell you all about the book now 🙂

The Superhero Soul
The Superhero Soul


About the Book:

Title: The Superhero Soul

Author: Dilip Bathija

Genre: Business, Strategy & Management

Publisher: Bloomsbury India

Release date: February 2016

Format: Hardcover

Rating: 4/5

What is it about?

The Superhero Soul: Quest for Inspiration, Happiness, Success and Greatness

Summary The Superhero Soul
Summary The Superhero Soul


Main characters profession: You, yourself

My Thoughts:

We all think of ourselves as perfect or with minimal flaws as compared to others, I thought so too! However, when I wasn’t getting everything I worked for, the happiness I was looking for kept eluding me, I had to take a step back and analyze what I was doing. This book will help you, the reader, take stock of things and yourself. You will know a bit better about yourself, clear some obstacles, get rid of your psychological barriers to an extent; basically it will set you on a path towards a better You which is the first step to a better life for yourself.

It is human nature to make things important to us, easier, better suited to our requirements and working for us. Any process, technology, system that we routinely use is to some extent manipulated by us, in a way that we are comfortable using it. We control it and not vice versa unless that’s possible or we can make it happen.

It is no different with our nature, we keep adapting to our surroundings, to new people & processes coming and going in our life. We keep working for a Better – house, clothes, food, and lifestyle; on a subconscious level we are continually mapping our lives to achieve more, bigger and better than what we have at present.

The point being, an important one at that, Not every one of us achieves what we aspire. The reasons for this can be numerous and as simple as a fact that we didn’t push enough, didn’t explore every possibility. Is it our fault, failure or just the clichéd bad luck? Well, studies, scientific, psychological, etc have shown us that every human being can achieve success, happiness and even greatness for that matter. So what are we lacking or overlooking or ignoring in our quest to achieve our goals?
We are underestimating ourselves, letting fears, doubts, negative perceptions and the World at large to interfere in our focus. Self help books are more than often pushed away, called mumbo jumbo, well that’s negativity and when we listen to such opinions we are allowing others opinions to influence us, which will only slow us down. Agreed, some paths/ mumbo jumbo are just that, but what I ask of you is to give it, this book a chance. With this book, you can try to change things for you in a practical manner.

So before you start reading or while you are reading try out a few things. Like, decide a goal or 2, write it down along with every step/ thing you think you can and cannot do and then read this book. Step by step explore the possibilities, break down the obstacles, move ahead and then come to a conclusion – whether being a superhero for that particular goal of yours is possible or not. Follow the path outlined in this book. It will surprise you, make you curse yourself for the ignorance; give you practical suggestions to dispel the physical, psychological obstacles that are stopping your progress.

Self help or any To-Do books usually badger advice non-stop, they keep repeating the mantras for pushing yourself, forgetting the past, learning new things, trying more, working hard, persevering and so on. I agree it can get overwhelming and too much information can stop you from thinking and doing completely, you may freeze with the information overload. That is the reason I suggest to have a goal and follow the path given in the book, take breaks from reading, reflect on your goals and achievements so far, go back to some painful past failures and determine what went wrong.

You will get enough information to analyze your past successes and misses as you go on reading the book and by the end of it you will know where you went wrong and where you can improve. You will get a fair idea of your strengths, weaknesses and some useful actionable you can work on without stressing and worrying that the world, others are doing better than you. Everyone has a personal process and timeline with which they work, live and achieve better things, read this book and you will identify those details and hopefully constructively work towards writing a better future for yourself and achieve your dreams and goals, no matter how small or big they are.

A broad overview of the topics covered in the book, chapter wise:

  1. The Source Within: Knowing yourself,
  2. Journey to the Source: Burying the past and Stop comparing, unlearning and opening yourself to new experiences and learning what is necessary for your growth both personal and professional,
  3. Finding the Source: this is where you find yourself, know what makes you happy and what are you good at. Finding you passion, purpose, vision, mission and goals in life. Acquiring knowledge, overcoming your fears and start taking action;
  4. Protecting your Source: Here we see how having hope and faith helps us, understanding how to take criticism, what success means and having the right kind of attitude;
  5. Aligning with the Source: nourishing your soul, intellect is as important as feeding your body with food. See the different ways you can easily nourish yourself, actually without spending a fortune;
  6. Learning from the Source: know about self-discipline, time management and hard work;
  7. Connecting yourself with the Source: knowing your weakness, flaws, understanding how ego stops you and gratitude helps you as much as having a winning attitude and not being complacent;
  8. Connecting the world with the Source: serving, giving back, attitude of gratitude, random acts of kindness, being receptive;
  9. Being the Source: Change is necessary and good, let love, happiness and light in your life, value relationships as well as yourself, live in the present and not limit yourself, Dream and Act.

It is a 125 page book with 9 chapters divided in to sub topics as summarized above, the prose is easily relatable as well as understandable with some great inspirational quotes and examples from successful people and stories from the author as well as other people from various fields.

Hope you achieve a goal or two just by reading this fantastic book.

Comment and do tell me how you overcome obstacle and what has helped you achieve better things and success in your life.


Buy Links:

Amazon India


The Author: Dilip Bathija

Dilip Bathija
Dilip Bathija

About the Author:

  • He is currently the Co-founder and Director at Eco Dimensions Pvt. Ltd.
  • At age 22, Dilip Bathija is a graduate from VIT University with a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering and has more than 3.5 years of work experience in HR and marketing while simultaneously pursuing his bachelor’s degree. At the age of 19, he became the company’s youngest speaker to preside over its convention, addressing a gathering of over 5000 people.
  • He is a Certified Talent Manager from CAMI, USA.
  • He is also a Certified Leadership Trainer.
  • As a Self-Help coach, he has traveled across 40 different cities and towns of India taking motivational and leadership workshops etc.
  • Being a Philosopher, he contemplates his thoughts and ideas on various subjects and writes for various blogs, magazines and his books.

Dilip intends to start a foundation which will contribute in providing food, clothing, shelter, health, and education to the needy, and preserving the flora and fauna around the world.

He believes every individual is capable of attaining personal and professional greatness. All relationships can be harmonious and all goals attainable, once we connect ourselves to the source of powers within. For then, the powers are ours to unleash, for mental, physical and spiritual joy and abundance.

His programs are conducted across 40+ cities each year.

When not reading, writing and contemplating, Dilip devotes his time as the co-founder and visionary at Dream Is Now, an integrative media/publishing brand.

Dilip can be reached at the following venues:
Instagram: Author_Dilip_Bathija


Reviewed by Bharti

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