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LGBTQ for Everyone – Contest

In the 10th month of my Blogging and I have focused exclusively on Book reviews. I’ve done a couple of book cover reveals and product reviews but that’s about it. You must have seen other bloggers venture into various types of posts like author guest posts, book tags, interviews, personal view posts etc. I for one wasn’t very confident about posts other than reviews, I am still a bit anxious about it.

For my first non review post I chose something I believe in, a genre I wish was as popular as the main stream ones, a color of humanity, I pray, people embrace as naturally as their own color. It is a change which will come slow but it will come, is my hope, pray, wish and dream.

Human beings need motivation, a form of bribe in some cases  😉  to do something they usually don’t want to do. So, today’s post is ‘LGBTQ for Everyone Contest’. Read on and do participate, give the literature and the community a chance. You won’t know until you try, get to know the people, debunk your myths, clear your doubts and fears and discomfort. Every human being deserves a chance to be accepted as is.

Rock Star Lit is pleased to announce our LGBTQ For Everyone contest for Summer of 2016!


Enter below to win ebooks, signed books, gift cards or a huge Love is Love Prize Pack!

Featuring these great authors:


The Sun Goes Down
James Lear


L A Witt


Marie Sexton
Marie Sexton
Ralph Josiah Bardsley
Ralph Josiah Bardsley


Warren Rochell
Warren Rochell


Enter the contest via Rafflecopter

Connect with the Authors:

James Lear Website

L. A. Witt Website

Marie Sexton Website

Ralph Josiah Bardsley Website

Warren Rochelle Website


Words by Bharti

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