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Start up your Fashion Label by Aarthi Gunnupuri, Non-Fiction Book Review

You see one of my aspirations for the future is to own a business. Also, having dabbled previously in the clothing business it’s an option worth considering. Which is where I believe this book would help and inform me of what exactly goes it making of a fashion brand. If you have a similar aspiration read on the review and then buy the book.
First step towards building a fashion label/brand is where I hope this book will help, imparting knowledge of what lies ahead!



Title: Fashion for Beginners

Author: Aarthi Gunnupuri

Publisher: Collins Business [Harper Collins India Imprint]

Genre: Personal Development, Self-help

Published:  June  2016

Format reviewed: paperback

Rating: 4/5

City [s] set in: India

Professions of main characters: Fashion Entrepreneur

What is it about:

The fashion industry is seductive. The lights, the glamour, the glory. You may be a great artist and have fabulous design ideas, but having a head for business is a different matter. So how do you go about establishing your fashion line? How do you build your brand and get splashed on the inside pages of glossies?
Here’s the perfect guide for you. Learn the basics of creating and executing a business plan, exhibiting your designs in big retail chains, setting up an e-commerce store and, finally, participating in a fashion week. Study the success stories of masters like J.J. Valaya and Anita Dongre. With the right design ideas, passion and perseverance, you can learn how to be right under the spotlight.

Thank You Harper Collins India for the review copy. 

My Thoughts:

  • Are you a fashion designer, good with sketching, drawing and envisioning an outfit on paper but not so much in reality?

  • Do you dream of owning a shop selling beautiful clothes made by you?

  • Dressing up celebrities is your ultimate career dream?

  • Are you lost and don’t know how to start making your fashion dream a reality?

  • Are you confused about what should be the first step towards a career in Fashion?

  • When you think of your professional future, do you see yourself working with clothes, accessories and glamour?

If you have the above mentioned dreams and aspirations, this book will help you in some or the other way. 

Start up your Fashion Label is a book which will guide you, tell you about what goes behind the Fashion Business. Whether you are a fashion designer, a tailor or just want to start a dress shop selling beautiful clothes, before you set up shop there are things to be done and this book will sort that out for you. 

Every wall that is painted has to be first prepared to be painted, like a foundation has to be layed before you can start constructing a skyscraper, in simple terms the seeds are to be sowed for a tree to take root and soar high with time. 

The glamorous face of Fashion be it designing, selling or displaying beauty has back breaking, eye squinting, needle poking hard work behind it. Creating beautiful clothes is no easy work and comes with a long list of prep work for bringing a design sketch to life and on someone’s body in a mesmerising way, a process which leaves the creator and the consumer with a natural high. Be prepared to nurture your natural talent and take that first step in the professional world or Fashion. 

If you are good at designing and not at other aspects required to sell your designs, this guide will clear those for you. Following are the topics or steps required to be covered and taken to lay a foundation for your business. 

Surprisingly each step can also be a one man show if you are willing to put in the hardwork and dedication; however it’s also a business which works well as a team too.

Actual Index with my summary added:

1: Become a Master of Fashion Design – Design basics for the fashion entrepreneur. Also, how to create your first ever fashion portfolio

My thoughts: Fashion designing is not just sketching or drawing clothes on paper, it is everything from drawing to actually stitching the design in fabric and getting it on a human body. This book will not teach you how to design but will tell you the requisites for being a proper designer.

2: your first business plan
How to scale up your fashion label once you start

My thoughts


The importance of having a business plan and the different aspects of an effective business plan.

3: Hiring, Filing taxes and Registering your Label
Keeping a reasonable budget

My thoughts

: the technical aspects of registering your business and other legal aspects of a running business.

4: Design
Replicating the design process of a big fashion label as a start up

My thoughts

: what all comes under the designing Umbrella.

5: Marketing, Branding and More
Marketing tips for a small budget, understanding value creation

My thoughts: Having the basics of making a product in this case garments out of the way this chapter will take you through the process of selling your products.

6: your big brand fashion label
Dealing with the stress of running a one person home studio as well as tips for costing and pricing of garments

My thoughts: now that you have your products manufacturing and selling process in place this chapter takes you through sustaining and keep the process running. 

7: Money!
Bank loans,government schemes, family loans, credit cards and personal savings

My thoughts: here you can know about the various ways to gather funds for starting your business.

8: Your clothes at a Big Store
Smart ways to sell your clothes and accessories at stores of all sizes and setting up your own e commerce store

My thoughts: Different channels to sell your products.

9: your first fashion week
How to make your dream of showcasing your collection in Paris, Milan or Mumbai come true

My thoughts: Getting your products seen by the relevant decision makers of the fashion industry. Participating in industry events and shows.

10: Keep going! Staying motivated in the Short, Medium and Long term
Towards a successful fashion legacy

My thoughts: keeping your dream alive, achieving it and keep going for long term sustainability. 

Remember your dream and hunger to achieve it, keep an open mind and a willingness to learn and this book will sort out the technical parts for you. It will give you a roadmap to get started. 

This book will give you a lot to think about and work on. I wish you all the best for your journey into he World of Fashion, Glamour and Success.

Book Buy link: Amazon India:  Paperback | Kindle

About the Author

Aarthi Gunnupuri has worked as a freelance journalist. Her work has appeared in Femina, Marie Claire, Vogue, Outlook, Hindustan Times, Prevention, Yahoo and She holds a degree in Media, Communication and Development from the London School of Economics.

Reviewed by Bharti


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