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Christmas in Eternity Springs by Emily March, Blog Tour – Book Review and Excerpt

I like the jewel like town of Eternity Springs and its cozy small town community feel. Being a small community the stories of its residents and visiting tourists (who mostly end up being residents) never fail to hold my attention and give me some warm, fuzzy feels. Since its Almost Christmas I am glad to have a front seat view of a new budding Romance in Eternity Spring right in time for Christmas. Read on to know the characters of this courageous love story.

Christmas in Eternity Springs


Title: Christmas in Eternity Springs

Author: Emily March

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Published: October 2016

Format reviewed: eBook

Rating: 3.5/5

City(s) based in: Eternity Springs, Colorado.

Professions of main characters: Christmas shop owner, secret writer and Ex Navy submariner.


After a devastating betrayal, Claire Branham packs up the pieces of her life, along with a twenty-million-dollar secret, and moves to Eternity Springs. She opens a specialty shop—Forever Christmas—and, with the help of a surprise romance with the town’s sexy new handyman, Claire’s heart begins to heal. Until her past comes knocking…

Jax Lancaster never questioned the need to abandon his career as a Navy submariner in order to care for his young son in the wake of his ex-wife’s death. Desperate to help with this loss, Jax straps on a tool belt to give Nicholas the one thing he wants: A life in Eternity Springs. What Jax never expected to find was a second chance at love with a fascinating woman for whom Christmas has become a business. But when the truth about Claire threatens their newfound happiness, can Jax prove to her that in Eternity Springs, the spirit of Christmas is real. . .

Escape to Eternity Springs, a little piece of heaven in the Colorado Rockies, with the other books in the series, Angel’s Rest, Hummingbird Lake, Heartache Falls, Mistletoe Mine, Lover’s Leap, Nightingale Way, Reflection Point, Miracle Road,Dreamweaver Trail, Teardrop Lane, Heartsong Cottage and Reunion Pass.

My thoughts:


Love blossoms even in the toughest, closed up, dried, inaccessible even broken into a million tiny pieces of a heart. Rebuilding lives, that’s what the story of Jax, Claire and Nicholas in Christmas in Eternity Springs is about. Eternity Springs is an Elixir of a town where it’s residents, visitors and people passing through mend their broken hearts, start new chapters in life and find peace and happiness.

Claire sets up home in Eternity Springs to give herself a second chance by willingly lying low. She faces her demons head on and makes good progress when love in the face of Jax and Nicholas come knocking on her door. What follows is how their lives mesh together and how they help each other face life – good, bad and all parts.

It’s a story which will make you want to believe in magic, gratitude, and angels. We all wish to and some even succeed in running away when life and troubles overwhelm us. Not everyone comes back from that, it takes some tough love and just one person who believes in us. What’s good about Eternity springs is that the whole town roots for you when they sense troubled souls. It is this part of the story which makes you all happy, warm and fuzzy.

The characters in this story have a full life and you will experience their happiness, pain, fears, triumphs and everything in between. There’s a generous sprinkling of Christmas, Angel dust, hot swoony Kisses and bravery. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, download a copy of the book and enjoy Eternity springs. 




Dallas, Texas

The fragrance of Christmas swept into the house along with the tree that the garden center’s deliverymen carried inside. As they placed the twelve- foot- tall blue spruce into the stand she’d positioned in front of the living room picture window, Claire Branham allowed herself to reflect on the once- upon- a- time memories triggered by the scent.

Days of Christmas Past. Such happy times— laughter and excitement and family traditions. A home filled with love. All lost, wiped away by the reality of illness and death and broken hearts.

As she watched the workers secure the tree to the stand, she reflected upon what a momentous occasion this was for her. She hadn’t put up a Christmas tree in a very long time. For Claire, Black Friday didn’t represent the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It signified the day the doctor’s office called and changed the lives of everyone she loved.

Fifteen Christmases had passed since that first life-altering year. Some years, she’d gone through the motions of participation, even though her heart wasn’t in it. Other years, she did her best to ignore it entirely. Mostly, she’d muddled through, grumpy and unhappy and counting the days until the season was over for another year.

“That should do it,” said the deliveryman, stepping back from the tree. He handed Claire a little green bottle of preservative. “Mix this with water according to the directions. Add water as needed. Doesn’t hurt to check it every day, but it needs to be watered at least every other day.”

“Thank you.”

“You picked a pretty one, Ms. Branham. You have a perfect spot for a tree in this home. Now . . .” He flipped a page on his clipboard. “Are we decorating the tree, too, or just doing the outdoor lighting and decorations?”

“You’re hanging the outdoor lights and helping with the high things inside the house. I’m saving the tree to decorate until my fiancé gets home from a business trip tomorrow.”

Claire showed him the outdoor decorations in her garage,then went back inside to begin draping garland on the staircase. Anticipation made her feel like a child on Christmas morning. It had been years since she’d decorated a tree, and she couldn’t wait to do it again. This year, Claire wasn’t spending her holiday season with her Grinch on. She was going all Elf. Because for the first time in forever, the thought of the holiday season made Claire happy.

It started on Black Friday. Rather than launching her usual month- long depression, Black Friday this year got Claire off to a joyful holiday start. After she and Landon ran the Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving morning, she’d sent him off to the airport with a kiss and a turkey sandwich so he could make his early afternoon flight to the West Coast where he had meetings scheduled with movie executives. Friday morning, rather than lie in bed with her covers over her head as in years past, Claire had bounded out of bed early, joined the shopping hoards, and had a ball doing it.

It set the tone for her days as she anticipated Landon’s return. Claire was happy and excited and joyful. With Landon’s help, she had climbed her way out of the valley of loss and loneliness and found her happiness. Now, she was finding her Christmas spirit again.


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About the author:

Emily March is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels, including the critically acclaimed Eternity Springs series. Publishers Weekly calls March a “master of delightful banter,” and her heartwarming, emotionally charged stories have been named to Best of the Year lists by Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Romance Writers of America. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Emily is an avid fan of Aggie sports and her recipe for jalapeño relish has made her a tailgating legend.

Connect with Emily via her website

Reviewed by Bharti

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Eternity Springs by Emily March, Blog Tour – Book Review and Excerpt

  1. Ok….so…..I’m going through Eternity Springs withdrawal. I finally found time after the holidays to read my stack of “new” books. Christmas in Eternity Springs brought me much needed peace, comfort and joy! I’m thinking somewhere in this universal there’s a Celeste Blessing who wants to start a “real life” Eternity Springs. Along with her there has to be a gazillion others who would like to establish and settle there, also. We could create a REAL town that blossoms into more real life books than Emily could write about NON-STOP!!!


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