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One Christmas in Paris by Mandy Baggot, Book Review

Paris, Snow, Christmas, Fairy lights, cheese, love 🗼🎄 yeah that’s a good list of things to have in a story; One Christmas in Paris has all of it wrapped in a sparkly shiny package. This is the 1st book by Mandy that I have read and let me say I loved it. Read on to know why I enjoyed reading this Parisian story. 


Title: One Christmas in Paris

Author: Mandy Baggot

Publisher: Bookouture

Published: October 2016

Format reviewed: eBook

Rating: 4/5

Time period: Contemporary

City based in: Paris 🗼

Profession of main characters: Social Media specialist, part time reluctant fashion model and photographer extra ordinaire.

Buy Link: Kindle India


They say Paris is the City of Love, so bring your je ne sais quoi and don’t forget the mistletoe! 

Ava and her best friend Debs arrive in Paris just as the snow starts to fall. The Eiffel Tower glitters gold and the scent of spiced wine is all around, but all Ava can think about is Leo, her no-good, cheating ex. 

Debs is on a mission to make Ava smile again, and as they tour the Christmas markets, watch lamplight glittering on the river Seine, and eat their body weight in pain-au-chocolat, Ava remembers there’s more to life than men … Until they cross paths with handsome, mysterious photographer Julien with his French accent and hazelnut eyes that seem to see right inside her. 

Ava can’t ignore the intense chemistry between them, but her fingers have been burned before and she can’t forget it, especially when her ex, Leo, starts texting again. Can Ava really trust Julien – and what exactly is his secret? 

Will Ava go home with a broken heart, or will she find true love amongst the cobbled streets of Paris? 

Join Ava and Julien in the most romantic city in the world this Christmas, as they discover the importance of being true to themselves, and learn how to follow their hearts. 

One Christmas in Paris is a gorgeous, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy – perfect for fans of Jane Costello, Miranda Dickinson and Lucy Diamond. 

My thoughts:

What I love about Ava and Julien’s story in One Christmas in  Paris is firstly Paris. Ava is from London and she escaped to Paris with her best friend around Christmas time. All Ava and Debs want is to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and tastes of Paris. Ava wants some time away from a recent break up and her demanding mother and Debs is on a research cum playing detective trip. In the few days the girls are in Paris, Ava happily spends dawn to dusk discovering Paris. 

I am a fan of all things Paris and this book was a treat discovering Paris in Snow

2 – Ava: I enjoyed and loved Ava’s character. She has an adorable sense of humour and an appetite for Camembert. Heroines with an appetite are always a good thing to read about. Besides her love for Camembert, Ava is such a fun character, she has a demanding mother whom she handles well without offending her. She is able to laugh at herself and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her optimism is of the quite type not in your face bubbly or overly perky types which is what makes her extremely likeable. 

Then there is her best friend, Debs every good heroine needs a best friend. Debs plays that role perfectly, she is a little over the top, has a fashion sense to make you smile and isnt afraid to push you in the way of yummy, eligible French men. 

Julien is sensitive, handsome and smart even though a little broody at times. I haven’t read many French love stories but I know this French Men aren’t very vocal about their love instead they make you feel loved without actually saying the words. So if you have spent some time with a good, charming French guy and feel the sparks chances are he feels the same. Be patient as he will take his own sweet Parisian truffle time to speak the words out loud.

Besides the sights and sounds of Paris there is also a heartwarming, moving story which will keep you glued to the book. Ava, Julien and Debs will give you all the warm fuzzy christmassy feels. Overall you will have a great time reading this festive story and put Paris in December on your travel wishlist. 


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Reviewed by Bharti. 

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