Blog Birthday

1 year of Me Blogging about Books

Hello fellow bookworms especially my blog followers. It’s a year today since I started this book blog and it’s been a learning, satisfying and happy journey for me. 

Learning: because I started this book review blog without any plan. I had no strategy, plan or schedule in place. I had no clue about scheduling reviews and promoting them in advance. When I started, I read a book, wrote it’s review and posted it on the the Blog. Now, I know how to juggle, schedule in advance and have some sort of a plan and calendar of Blog posts. So I learnt as I went

Satisfying: I had been thinking for a good, long time to have a blog to share my books and it was a satisfying experience to finally start one last year. It gave me a platform to talk about the books (which I brought, received for reviews) I read. The whole process of acquiring a book either through purchase, publisher or an author, Reading, reviewing and promoting it in social media is satisfying to my Literary cells. 

Happy: to have a place of my own on the web to express and share my passion of reading. 

I am not very vocal and rarely interact on social media but just by observing the various lovely book bloggers, I have learnt a lot and take this opportunity to thank you all. 

27 Book Street

Thank You to everyone who have visited my blog, promoted my reviews and answered my blog, book related questions. Thank you to all the author’s, publishers, PR teams who have send me review books. I hope to continually work with you and help promote fantastic writing and authors. 

So this is how my first year of Blogging looked like, I am quite satisfied with the numbers and hope to increase them in the 2nd year with the help of all you lovley readers and book lovers.

Thankyou : 📚📖  🎂🎉🎀🌼


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