2017 Reading Goals 

​27 Book Street – Reading Goals for 2017

Hello fellow bookworms, hope you have had a good 2017 so far. It’s only fair that I have some book reading resolutions/goals, what with being an avid book eater and blogger 😉 I also bet that these are the only goals that are enthusiastically completed or fulfilled at more than 75%. If books and a beloved accompaniment like chocolate, tea, coffee, ice cream, popcorn (the endless yummy treats) are your idea of a good, ‘me time; it does get easy and fun to have and finish reading goals every year. Let me tell you what are mine.

2016 was a good year as I read a whopping 150+ books, simple math says that’s 1 book every 2-3 days but it wasn’t that way, I had a few good months where I read more than others. Here’s how it went:

So that’s a recap of 2016 books I read. I am not having the favorite, top 10 or so lists as it was the first time I was reading, reviewing and keeping a count of everything I read; also its too stressful to choose favorites.

For 2017, I want to keep it simple like this:

1: Do not over commit to advance, pre-release books.

2: Have a managable TBR (to be read/reviewed) pile of books.

3: Read more regional/local language i.e. indian authors books especially Hindi (national language) books; not the translated ones but the original hindi language books. 

4: Sign up for reading challenges and integrate them wherever possible. This year I am continuing the #BrunchBookChallenge you can read about my 2016 challenge list here. The no.of books to read this year has been increased from 24 to 30 which is again very manageable. Another challenge I have signed up for is the Crossword #OneMorePage reading challenge. Crossword Bookstores is a leading bookstore chain in India and this is the first year they have come up with a reading challenge (atleast that I know of) and I am only too happy to sign up for it. Read more about #OneMorePage here

5: Leave a review for every book I read on a sellers website, (ie. Online platforms where books are sold), goodreads – to keep a track of books read online contibuting to the goodreads challenge I’ve taken and blog the book reviews of books I have received in exchange of reviews. The math is simple, you read a book, leave a review online, why? It helps the book and the author and is the easiest way you can thank the author and the people involved in the book coming to life process. 

I belive that’s as much as I can manage without stressing and loosing the fun of reading. What are your reading goals for this year, do comment and let me know. Lets read some great stories and share our thoughts on them. 

Happy 2017, may you have a bookalicious year.

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