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Dilli Durbar by Satya Vyas, Book Review

Today I present to you my fellow readers, the first book I read in a regional i.e Hindi language. 

Dilli Durbar, is written in Hindi the national language of India. Now one would assume or more appropriately wish that the review should also be in Hindi. However it’s not to be so, as much as I would like to write in Hindi it would limit the reach of the review. So for popular vote’s sake here’s a regular review i.e in English. Enjoy.

Title: Dilli Durbar 

Author: Satya Vyas

Publisher: Hind Yugm – Westland

Publication date: 7 Dec 2016

Language: Hindi

Source: Westland review copy

Time period: Contemporary

Location: Delhi, India

Profession of main characters: Students. 

Rating: 2.5/5

Buy here: Amazon India


दिल्ली दरबार छोटे शहरों के युवाओं के दिल्ली प्रवास, प्रेम, प्रयास और परेशानियों की एक प्रहसनात्मक कहानी है। यह लापरवाह इश्क से जिम्मेदार प्रेम की परिणति तक की एक खुशहाल यात्रा है। यह कहानी दरअसल उन लाखों युवाओं के जीवनशैली की भी है जो बेहतर जिंदगी और भविष्य की संभावनाओं के लिए दिल्ली जैसे महानगर का रास्ता लेते हैं। मनोरंजक ढंग से कही गई इस कहानी के केंद्र में टेक्नो गीक ‘राहुल मिश्रा’ है; जिसका मंत्र है ‘सफलता का हमेशा एक छोटा रास्ता है’ और विडंबना यह है कि वह इस बात को अपने ही सनकी तरीके से सही साबित भी करता जाता है।कहानी परिधि की भी है जो पूर्वी दिल्ली की एक ठेठ लड़की है और राहुल को लेकर भविष्य तलाश रही है। मूलतः ‘दिल्ली दरबार’ दिल्ली की नहीं, बल्कि दिल्ली में कहानी है जो चलते-चलते प्रेम, विश्वास, दोस्ती और ‘जीवन’ के अर्थ खोजती जाती है।

My thoughts

Dilli Durbar is Rahul Mishra’s story, narrated by his best friend Mohit. 2 best friends from Tatanagar, Jharkhad move to the country’s capital for an MBA course of 2 years. However the narration is a look into Rahul’s life from the time he’s born to the end – where he gets married and settles in Delhi.

The majority of the story is of the friends’ time in Delhi where they are studying for an MBA degree and simultaneously preparing for government job’s exams. As goes with the territory of student life, there is crude, at times vulgar language, flirting, fickle love and dishonest, reckless behavior with other people’s emotions and money. 

Some may find it normal student life behavior but I found it off putting. The dishonest behavior, cheating and casual attitude towards emotions of others was, though expected, still unsavory. The only saving grace would be to take the lead characters behavior as coming of age fickleness and ignore it’s stupidity. That said I did enjoy the narrator’s voice and life more; Not because he is a honest, Mr. Goody shoes but he is smart and has the right attitude towards the rebel without a cause friend of his. He is loyal to a fault and if not for him our lead character would be in a few couple of tricky situations without any backup. 

Rahul the lead character will only be a goof, flirty rebel in my eyes. With his easy going, happy go lucky attitude and flirty charm he is just that, a perfectly flawed human being who learns from his mistakes and lives a satisfying life.

This is the first book I have read in a  native/regional Indian language and for that only I enjoyed it immensely. There is a certain charm and warmth I felt in reading a language extremely familiar and close to my heart. 

In a nutshell Dilli Durbar is a typical student/college life misadventures with the quintessential strength of loyal friendships. There is no lesson except knowing the value of and having a loyal, best friend in your life from this story. 


सत्य व्यास हिंदी की नई पौध के लेखक हैं। अपनी पहली ही किताब ‘बनारस टॉकीज’ से ये ‘नई वाली हिंदी’ का झंडा गाड़ चुके हैं। यह उपन्यास पिछले दो सालों से हिंदी का सबसे ज़्यादा बिकने वाली किताब रहा है। ब्लॉगिंग, कविता और फिल्मों के रुचि रखने वाले सत्य व्यास फ़िलहाल दो फिल्मों की पटकथा लिख रहे हैं। ‘दिल्ली दरबार’ इनका दूसरा उपन्यास है।

Reviewed by Bharti. 

3 thoughts on “Dilli Durbar by Satya Vyas, Book Review

  1. My thoughts abt the book exactly! I liked the narrative and thought the writing was humorous. But found Rahul Mishra’s character and the story very off putting. I believe the hero of the book was Mohit, even if its Rahul’s story.

    This was also my first attempt at reading a Hindi Novel. 😊


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