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​Product Review – The Creative Woman’s Journal by Matrikas Paper Products

A product review after a long time on the blog. It is just the product I’ve been looking for, not only to use personally but also to share with you, my reader xx. I am going to tell you all about this journal, made in india (100% proud of it by the way) – The creative woman’s journal by Matrikas Paper Products.

The Matrikas team announced a while back on their Facebook page for Bloggers to sign up for an opportunity to review their latest product – a journal. I greedily signed up and chose 1/4 options of the journal to review on my blog. I chose – To Dream and here’s what I received a while back. Hot pink hardcover with a golden butterfly, very glamorous 😉

To Dream – Matrikas Journal

This Review is for everyone who is out of school however still buys notebooks to write in, for fun, for planning, journaling or any reason for that matter. But especially for people who journal, write their thoughts on regular basis and are always on the lookout for new, fun notebooks and journals to make their own. 

Matrikas is an India company, having won several industry awards it has a decent, varied range of notebooks, diaries and paper products for all age groups at affordable prices. Their latest paper product is this fun, well made journal with not just blank pages to write down your thoughts on, for that added little something it has coloring and sticker pages too.

Adult coloring pages, stickers for journaling, planning or simply to add a fun element to your writing are all the rage these days. This journal incorporates both coloring pages and stickers in it – win-win. 

In the words of the manufacturer: 

Now for the specifications or inside details:

Every Indian made diary you buy will have the opening page for you to write down your Name, Phone No., email ID, important/emergency contacts and other such information and a few pages to write down names and contact details of people you know . To be honest it feels like filling a form at the hospital, it may be helpful to some but I am not a fan. So I went ahead and changed these sections to my requirements. 

Next we have ruled pages which has a date section in the top right corner; the ruled pages around 15-20 are followed by 1 coloring page and a few blank pages where you can scribble, doodle or use them as you wish. That’s one section and is continued like that throughout the journal. 

At the end we have 4 sticker pages. The sticker pages are black and white, are a mix of text and doodles. These are really great looking stickers with some legible, fancy font used for the text stickers. Of course my favorite are the Owl stickers :))

Besides the above mentioned: the journal, towards the end also has a couple of pages dedicated for you to make your list of Places to visit, Books to read. If you are someone you doesn’t read or travel on a regular basis these pages are great to fill up with Books and places on your mind. I am a bookaholic, as evidenced on my book blog ; so these pages will definitely be less for me and fill up quickly, equally fun to have them though 🙂

Like all planners these days come with some sort of pocket, flap covered or zipped pocket to store bits of paper, tape etc that you might require for decorations in the pages, this journal has paper pocket at the end.

Now the paper quality. The ruled pages are of an OK quality, there is ghosting meaning the text you write on one side of the paper is visible on the other side making it useless to write on the other side. But do not loose hope, since Journaling is an activity where we use a mix of photos, quotes, drawings and all we can manage to write on both sides. While creating a journal spread or in simple terms when you are recording an event or moment in the journal you end up using photos, stickers, Washi tape, stamps so that makes it easier to use both sides where ghosting can be controlled. 

The journal is of A5 size so if you can make place in your hand bag it can be carried around too. Though if you want to keep the Bag light you may want to skip it as it’s a proper hardcover book. It has a pen loop, so, for on the go use you don’t have to worry about carrying a pen separately. 

The plain pages and stickers are my favorite parts of the journal after the main cover which is silky and shiny with a golden butterfly, looks totally glamorous. I prefer to write on plain pages so the journal having ruled pages is the only place where it looses points in my book. However, if you don’t mind the ruled pages then it’s a perfect journal for being creative, dreaming and making plans to make those dreams come true.


Now the best part of the journal is it’s price – it retails for ₹450 and is available online via Amazon in 4 options. At this price I am yet to come across a notebook or journal of this quality and one that is made in India too. A steal at this very much affordable price, I love all the 4 options and will most probably end up buying them all. Hope you are excited at this new entrant in the Indian paper products market and will order one for yourself. Comment and let me know what you think. 

This is how I made some of the blank pages in the journal my own.

To see all the 4 journal options here is the manufacturers you tube video featuring them. To order one for yourself here’s the Amazon India link. 

Image courtesy: Matrikas Facebook Page. 

Hope you find wings for your dreams and achieve them with flying success.  

Reviewed by Bharti

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