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Blog Tour ~ Guest post: The Accidental Honeymoon by Portia MacIntosh

Hello pretty readers, I got a guest post for you today as part of the Blog Tour for a romantic comedy titled The Accidental Honeymoon. 

The Blog Tour is organised by the lovely Helena of Love Reading Romance Blog Tours.

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Title: The Accidental Honeymoon

Author: Portia MacIntosh

Publisher: Harper Collins

Published: 16/6/2017

Location: Las Vegas, USA

What happens in Vegas…When Georgie discovers that her fiancé has been cheating on her, only a few days before her cousin’s wedding, her whole world explodes. Facing a romantic trip to Vegas alone, she decides to go out and have some fun…

…but Georgie never expected to wake up wed! And even worse, she can’t remember who to. So when gorgeous Jack reveals himself as her husband, she can’t believe her luck – he’ll act as the perfect wedding date!

Even if it is their very accidental honeymoon, surely the newlyweds can keep their emotions in check for just a few days more?

Don’t miss the laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Portia MacIntosh, author of It’s Not You, It’s Them. Perfect for fans of Rosie Blake, Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk.

                         Guest Post

My number one source of inspiration comes from real life. While this is great, because you never really run out of material around you, it does have its downsides too.

For example, you can never really turn your writer brain off. Everything is a story. Every word of dialogue triggers something in your head. Something happens to you, good or bad, and your first thought is: OK, how can I turn this into a book?

It’s great, because it keeps you in material, but it’s bad, because you’re kind of borrowing from the lives of those around you at times. Obviously if something happens to your friend, you’d never just turn her life into a book, but if you take that one little element and she reads it she’s going to be wondering if the character is her. And it isn’t…but what if it is? What if that’s what you really think?

And then, if that one bit is real, maybe all of it is real? Maybe this book is nothing but an autobiography under a different name? And it isn’t…but what if it is?

Readers will read your book as a book, but your friends and family will read it as a product of your mind. Characters’ thoughts and choices are suddenly assumed to be yours. If your character does something naughty, people will wonder if it’s from personal experience, and if it isn’t, then is that what goes on in your mind, young lady?

It’s hard. But luckily, if you write under a pen name, you’re spared all this… Phew!

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Portia MacIntosh has been ‘making stuff up’ for as long as she can remember – or so she says. Whether it was blaming her siblings for that broken vase when she was growing up, blagging her way backstage during her rock chick phase or, most recently, whatever justification she can fabricate to explain away those lunchtime cocktails, Portia just loves telling tales. After years working as a music journalist, Portia decided it was time to use her powers for good and started writing novels. Taking inspiration from her experiences on tour with bands, the real struggle of dating in your twenties and just trying to survive as an adult human female generally, Portia writes about what it’s really like for women who don’t find this life stuff as easy as it seems.

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