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The Wise Man Said by Priya Kumar, Book Review

Time for some non fiction or more specifically an inspirational/self help book. This one was a bit heavy and took me quite some time to get through. The wise man said has a lot to offer and I wouldn’t believe anyone who says they read it and understood every bit of it in one reading. You see it’s about a 80+ year old character sharing his life experiences and lessons, that’s a whole lot of lessons and from a life as well lived as Sammy‘s it is a lot in less I.e 180 odd pages. Also, if travel had been on your bucket list forever, this book might just make you book the first of many tickets. I say take the plunge and go feed the travel bug in you. Here we go then, happy reading.


Title: The wise man said

Author: Priya Kumar

Publisher: Books that inspire

Published: January 2017

Rating: 4/5

Buy it on Amazon India,the paperback is ₹99 currently. Grab it before the price increases.

What is the book about

My thoughts

This book as the title suggests is everything to do with wisdom; wisdom learnt by human beings through lifetimes, throughout time,  it’s an  infinite loop of human experiences and knowledge gained from them.

Every chapter, in which the wise man experiences a new lesson, comes across as a nugget of wisdom and is filled with life lessons. Lessons which you may not understand or even grasp on the first read or maybe you will given your level of wisdom or enlightenment.

Sammy i.e. the wise man is an old rich man who is out to experience life, give back to the world in return for the immense wealth he has gained over his 80+ years on earth. His way to do that is to travel to places, live the local life and learn, absorb what the place, and it’s people  teach/show him.

Every chapter is about his time in a different location and his experiences there. Since it is filled with profound thoughts, it is a book which I will keep coming back to at different times in future.

My suggestion read it, make notes if you wish but make sure you keep an open mind going forward in life. Sammy says it’s better in his teachings that sometime it  is your presence which helps others, true but it also helps you immensely, effects of which will keep on giving and make you wiser. So be there, experience what’s happening around you. Be open minded about new things, do not reject, or discriminate based on prejudices or someone else’s opinions. If you want to get a hold of that elusive wisdom the great or the simplest and happy people have be open to life like Sammy is.


Author of the national best seller, “I Am Another You”, Priya Kumar’s books have won six international awards. She is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, who has inspired over a million people across the globe toward peak performance through her Personal Breakthrough Workshops. Her writing, like her speaking, is an extension of her purpose-to make people’s lives better

Reviewed by Bharti

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