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Blog Tour – The Magic of Stars by Jackie Ladbury, Book Review

February is popular as the month of Love i.e. Valentine’s also because it is a shorter than other months. Well, the point is it is perfect time to get some romance reading on. Read on and see how I found this particular romance title. Happy Reading.

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Title: The Magic of Stars

Author : Jackie Ladbury

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: January 2018

Publisher – Fabrian Books

Rating: 3/5

Location set in: UK and a few foreign locations thrown in.

Profession of main characters: All part of a private airlines.


In a moment of recklessness air stewardess Sapphire Montrose, threw caution and her dress to the wind when she propositioned a handsome stranger in a hotel in Florence, only to find herself rejected and alone in her hotel room.

Unfortunately for Sapphire it turns out that her new boss, Marco Cavarelli, is the man she failed to seduce and she is now fighting for her job and her self-respect, as he thinks there is no place in his revamped airline for an alcoholic woman with lascivious tendencies. To make matters worse she is increasingly attracted to him and he seems to be giving out the same vibes. Or is he simply testing her? One wrong move could be the end of her career but what if he really is offering love – and is he worth the risk?

My thoughts

Sapphire and Marco are our lead characters who get be in love courtesy the magic of Stars. The magic of Stars, star gazing appears a few times in the story however is not a prominent part of it.

Now, I am just pointing that out right at the start, as I sometimes wonder how the title is relevant in the actual story or if it’s even mentioned in it at all. Do you also wonder about that sometimes? Comment and do tell me about it.

Now, the story of Sapphire and Marco, while Marco sounds a perfectly common name Sapphire is something new and took some time getting used to. Sapphire is a good enough character she is pleasant to be around, is string given her back story, confident and is a artist though without any related diva, moody-esque characteristics. She is pretty fun and her reactions to her new Italian, hottie boss are a hoot to watch. The whole story sees them from having an scintillating encounter as strangers and then working together right till they get together romantically and then the usual drama.

I felt the story had something missing and I can’t quite put a finger on it, the first half flew slowly and then there was a slight built up to the end. By the end of the story I felt like I was listening to a friend’s love story which had its magical, boring and at last the happily ever after moments.

I wanted to see more of Marco because as compared to Sapphire who bared her soul, warts and all, Marco was fairly tight lipped. He didn’t show the side of a typical Italian person, even the mention of his family was minimal in the story, which was well disappointing. Marco I felt was a billionaire handsome who swooped in right from the start and swept Sapphire off her feet right to a happily ever after. I would have liked to know him better.

There was this constant feeling I had throughout the time I read the story that this was almost how it happens in the real world. Which kind of made it an OK read for me and sorry to say the wished the saw the magic of the stars.
There were some good parts and a plot interesting enough for me complete the book.


Jackie Ladbury was desperate to become a journalist when she left school but was ousted within minutes on the day of the exam at her local rag because she’d forgotten to bring a pen.
Short and sharp lesson learned.
Her budding writing career was not on hold for long, though, as Jackie found herself scribbling love stories of pilots and ‘hosties’ while she flew in aeroplanes of various shapes and sizes as a flight attendant herself.
Fast forward a good few years and, after being short-listed in a couple of prestigious romantic writing competitions, Jackie decided it was time to discard her stilettos, say goodbye to the skies and concentrate on writing romantic novels, where the only given is a guaranteed ‘happy ever after.’

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Reviewed by Bharti

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