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Publication Day #bookreview Shield by Anne Malcom

Hello lovely readers, I have a #bookreview of a new to me author today.

The new to me author, Anne Malcom, her latest book’s summary attracted me as it had a mention of Bikes, tattoos, motorcycle club in them. That’s my kryptonite, throw in some kick ass characters and I was won over.


Title: Shield (Greenstone Security Book 2)
Author: Anne Malcom
Published: 2/3/2018
Rating: 5/5
Location: Amber, California, USA


My name’s Rosie and I come from a dynasty of sorts… the Sons of Templar, maybe you’ve heard of them.

I just happen to be the daughter of one of the founding members and am the sister of the current president.

The fact I’m a woman means I don’t wear the patch, but it’ll never change the fact that I’m a Templar by blood.

We’re known as royalty in the outlaw world. Though, the dynasty is dancing on the right side of the law these days.

That doesn’t mean that the law and those who enforce it are friends.
It will remain the one constant in my tumultuous life. The one rule in our law-free existence.

Befriending the law and those that enforce it is a betrayal.

Which means me being one half of a doomed love is that much more comical when he’s a cop.

Or was.

Before I went and ruined it all.

Before he shattered that shield he wore to protect society in order to protect me.

He saved me and I damned him.

I damned myself too, but to be honest, I was damned long before that.

My thoughts

Rosie is the MC Princess, that is a Motorcycle Club by the way. The love of her life is the town’s sheriff, two people with as possible as opposite lives there can be in their worlds.

One is for law and the other for everything against it. How can you imagine them coming together with love as the motivation. Well that’s where the author comes in and waves her magician’s wordly wand.

And I was addicted to the world she creates for her kick ass characters.

Rosie is a fearless, loyal, beautiful human being. Luke is tall, handsome, rock steady person who has long back lost his heart to Rosie.

The story is set in a small town which has a Motorcycle club – Sons of Templar. Rosie’s family heads the club, she is the club president’s sister and like a sister to most of the club members.

Of course some like her, not as a sister but are more in love with their lives to act on it. She is well loved, protected, at times over protected what with way too many alphas around her whose favorite past time is to flex their muscles.

What they refuse to acknowledge though is Rosie doesn’t need their safety net she is more than capable of taking care of her self and their bad asses as well. All in a days work with a shopping trip thrown in too just for fun.

I loved the fearlessness, loyalty and overall personality of Rosie.
She takes fearlessness to greater heights. She is something we in India call being a person who wears their death on their heads. She still manages to bring sunshine and smiles despite being buddies with danger and death. That is a very important and rare quality to have when you are part of a life where family and community protection is placed above protecting the law.

Bikers have their own laws and when you are a part of that it is not all roses but guns n roses; that’s what Rosie’s life Is.

Her one secret weakness, strength, heart and soul of her being, dreams is Luke who she’s been in love with since she was 5.

Seeing how they grow up on the opposite sides of the town, law and family structures they have resigned to being apart. That doesn’t mean their paths don’t cross, no dear reader, their paths cross way more than we can imagine; and that’s what keeps the love in their hearts alive and burning with a fierce passion.

All this build up comes to a head when Luke is no longer on the side of law and Rosie is changed too. So, when the forbidden lovers meet up per friendly chances its time to break down unnecessary shields and give Love an unforbidden flight.

Will they conquer or crash and burn, well it’s a journey filled with fireworks, literally, plenty of kick ass action and dangers to keep you hooked to see Luke and Rosie’s version of a romantic, edgy guns n roses type metallic rock tune.

I was hooked as I read Book 1 of the series too, which is Rosie’s bestie Lucy’s story in Still Waters; trust me if you have ever been fascinated with the whole biker club culture read this authors books. You will love them, get addicted to and get a crash course in the whole MC genre.

Shield is a kick ass story of family, loyalty, love at the heart of a Motorcycle Club. I absolutely loved it.


Find out all about the author, her past and upcoming books, signs up for her newsletter and more via her website.

Reviewed by Bharti

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