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Toxic by Jacqui Rose, Blog Tour – Guest post @AvonBooksUK

Hello dear readers, I have a guest post for you today where author Jacqui Rose talks about her favorite crime TV show. The post is part of the blog tour for her latest crime thriller Toxic. Do have a look at the other participating blogs.


From the bestselling author comes one of the best crime thriller books you’ll read in 2018

Sometimes love is toxic…

Bree Dwyer is desperate to escape her husband, take the children and run. But he’s always watching. And she always gets caught. Until her first love, Alfie Jennings, returns to Essex…

Gangsters Alfie and Vaughn have been out of the game for a while, but a life of crime is one you never forget.

To get back on top they need serious money, because loyalty and power don’t come for free. One dangerous job and they’ll have the payoff they need. And Alfie isn’t going to let anyone get in the way, least of all a pretty face like Bree.

It’s time to show Essex what they’re made of. And this time, Alfie and Vaughn aren’t backing down.

My quick thoughts

I found the story entertaining and a reminder of the 90’s mafia, gangs and mobsters with a heart.

Now, over to the author, Jacqui.

Guest Post

My favourite TV Show

Now I’m a great lover of TV, my favourite viewing being Emmerdale and documentaries but hand me a bag of popcorn and a crime show, I’m hitting the happy button!
As viewers I think with the emergence of Netflix there’s so much to choose from and the competition between different shows is at an all time high which makes each programmer set the bar higher, so it’s a win, win for the viewers and we can easily lose hours galore binging on boxsets!
However, as much as it’s fab to have Netflix my absolute favourite crime show has to be any Agatha Christie adaptation! I know, I know it may not be hip or a popular choice, but I’m a sucker for a period drama and the quintessential English crime story albeit Hercule Poirot is from Belgium! Though Poirot is certainly not my favourite sleuth amongst Christie’s characters, it has to be the ever-brilliant Miss Marple.
I think my favourite actress to play Miss Marple was Joan Hickson, she played the amateur sleuth to perfection. In fact, when Joan Hickson was playing the part of Miss Pryce in an appointment with death, one of Agatha Christie’s plays, Christie saw her and wrote a letter to Hickson hoping that one day she would play the part of Miss Marple. It took nearly another forty years for her to play it, but when she did she was just brilliant.
Christie’s stories are full of amazing plotting but what I love most and thankfully it isn’t often lost by the TV adaptations are the characters which are observed so well, really driving the plot forward. Christie has a way of putting characters from all different backgrounds together in an intriguing way, she also wrote very visually which is a gift for any script writer, helping them bring the essence of Christie’s stories onto the screen and there’s nothing like settling down with a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake to watch one.
Far from her stories being cosy crime, Christie’s stories are actually quite brutal and psychological and in the early adaptations this was often overlooked, so I’ve been delighted to see (the wonderful) Sarah Phelps adaptations. I think she did an extraordinary job by bringing out the complexities of the characters and whilst she kept the drama in its original period, she also brought a relevance to it which made it accessible to the younger generation with the pacing brilliant and the tension in the air palpable.
Even though an Agatha Christie drama may not be as fast paced as say, The wire or Line of Duty, they still are able to capture an audience, keeping them gripped and on the edge of their seat. Certainly by the end not only is the viewer exhausted by the emotional and psychological journey they’ve been taken on, they also feel fulfilled by it with no loose ends.
So, if you haven’t seen an Agatha Christie drama, why not! I’d highly recommend it and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Blogger – Bee

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