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#bookreview Done with Love by Shuchi Singh @shuchikalra @Rupa_Books

Hello lovely readers, Happy Valentines Day. Today’s book review is of #DoneWithLove by Shuchi Singh, an #indianauthor whose writing I enjoy. Happy Reading and Discovering new stories.



Title – Done with Love

Author – Shuchi Singh

CATEGORY – Literature & Fiction

Published – February 2020

Publisher – Rupa Pubications


A sparkling, funny, romantic novel, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Sally Thorne or Bridget Jones!

After a riot of a vacation in Goa, and finding the love of her life in the very handsome Dr Vivian D’ Mello,  Kairavi ‘Kay’ Krishna, a ditzy and dramatic travel journalist, is set for another laugh-a-minute romantic adventure.

Our delicious hero and sassy heroine are very much in love, and are just about to tie the knot when Vivian’s evil twin sister and his hot, leggy ex enter the scene. That, coupled with Vivian’s unexplained commitment phobia, threatens to throw their fairy-tale romance to rocky waters. As Kay struggles with heartbreak and jealous rage, she is faced with an unexpected question: will their love survive the odds? Will they make it or break it?

Done with Love is another delightfully irreverent story by bestselling author Shuchi Singh, who writes on friendship, romance and the world of women.

My thoughts

Done with Love is a love story, a modern story of two people in Love on the brink of getting married but not just yet. It is how most Indian relationships shape up even in today’s modern age where only a few brave ones take the Live-In path; now the Indian way is Live –In without living in. Yes a whole lot of complicated on the face of it but in essence just like any other relationship.


In Done with Love Kay and Vivian are in love, almost living together and not able to decided the date for the big day. Vivian is an ortho doctor on the path to setting up his private practice, basically working all the time and little time for Kay especially no time to decide when they get married, if at all. Kay is a freelance travel content writer and basically opposite of Vivian when it comes to having time for their relationship. Since it is a love story we do have a third wheel, Aaisha the leggy, Indian Barbie version of Vivian’s ex girlfriend.


Due to various reasons, our couple in love breaks up makes up a couple of time before finally getting married. So, how did I like the story:


  1. It is a quick read, I read it in one sitting. The flow just was smooth and enjoyed the pace which was filled with drama, a few twists which is always good in a love story with exes prancing around.
  2. The story is not exactly chicklit but it had that chick lit vibes with Kay and her friends, the roommate Farha was a good touch too. The characters were varied and added a fun element to the story.

Overall a love story with Desi Chicklit vibes you can enjoy anytime and since it’s a quick paced fast -read it is a time well spent reading.


Shuchi SINGH is the bestselling author of three popular fiction titles, Done with Men, I Am Big. So What!? and A Cage of Desires. A versatile writer, her stories span a range of subjects that are relevant to the contemporary Indian woman. Shuchi is regularly invited to universities and lit fests across India to speak on feminist issues such as body positivity, sexuality, relationships and mental health, and is also a strong voice on social media. She was recently listed as one of the top Indian women authors to follow on Twitter.

Shuchi wears many hats, each more exciting than the other. She has a full-time corporate job, is an avid traveller and is also a passionate entrepreneur with a line of aromatherapy-based natural self-care products called Saabanvali.
Twitter: @shuchikalra

Reviewed by Bee

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