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Hello my lovely reader and fellow bookworms. It is June and the world is still in the midst of COVID19, slowly trying to get back to business as usual; I wish you all the best and courage to make sense of this new normal we are facing.

To distract and have a bit of sweetness it’s books to the rescue, keeping which in mind today’s book review is of A Sweet Mess by a new to me author Jayci Lee. More below so Happy Reading and Discovering.

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Title – A Sweet Mess

Author – Jayci Lee

Publisher – St. Martins Griffith

Published – July 2020

Set in – California


Korean-American author Jayci Lee delights with A Sweet Mess, a delicious and light-hearted romantic comedy that readers will devour and ask for more.
Aubrey Choi loves living in her small town nestled in the foothills of California, running her highly successful bakery away from the watch of her strict Korean parents. When a cake mix-up and a harsh review threaten all of her hard work and her livelihood, she never thought the jaded food critic would turn out to be her one-night stand. And she sure as hell never thought she’d see the gorgeous Korean hunk again.

But when Landon Kim waltzes into her bakery trying to clean up the mess he had a huge hand in making, Aubrey is torn between throwing and hearing him out. When she hears his plan to help save her business, Aubrey knows that spending three weeks in California wine country working with Landon is a sure recipe for disaster.

Her head is telling her to take the chance to save her bakery while her heart—and her hormones—are at war on whether to give him a second chance. And it just so happens that Landon’s meddling friends want them to spend those three weeks as close as possible…by sharing a villa.
When things start heating up, both in and out of the kitchen, Aubrey will have to make a
choice—to stick it out or risk her heart.

My Thoughts

Aubrey Choi is the creator of the sweet mess in this light hearted fun rom-com of a story along with the in house hottie Landon. Aubrey is a small California town baker trying to make ends meet with putting everything she earns back into her bakery. The baker Comfort Zone is the pride and joy of Aubrey’s life, she is forever working hard to make the bakery bigger and better. She is happy living and serving her baked goods in the charming small town Weldon. Her life usually revolves around working hard in the bakery and spending some time with her best friend Tara at her Bar in town famous for Craft Beer.

Landon is a trained chef who left his culinary dreams behind to look after his Mother and younger brother. He might have put pause on his restaurant dreams but Landon is a successful food critic and writer for a magazine, basically a celebrity in the food industry. Most of his life and time is spent travelling and critiquing food made by people fulfilling their food dreams. Landon has spent the last decade of his life travelling for work and is tired of it. He wants to put down roots, find if he can revive his dream.

While travelling through Aubrey’s town on his way to critique a Michelin star restaurant an unexpected turn of events mean he lands at the same bar where Aubrey spends her free time. Their chance meeting at the bar leads to a night of passion as they realize their insane chemistry and attraction towards each other. Aubrey and Landon only exchanged names and no other information and the next morning Aubrey leaves before Landon wakes up. While the couple might have been insanely attracted to each other they do not realize their paths are going to clash with the same passion as their attraction towards each other.

While in town unknown to each other Landon had visited Comfort Zone and tasted Aubrey’s baked goodies. Being what he does for a living he writes a nasty review of Aubrey’s bakery without realizing it belongs to the same girl he can’t seem to forget. The unfavorable review puts Aubrey’s small bakery and her expansion plans on the verge of bankruptcy. With the whole town rallying behind her Landon soon realizes he needs to put things right. Landon, however is very protective of his reputation and his work principles which though stops him from putting a second review of any justification of the first one in the magazine. He, however, soon finds he needs to do something in order to pull Aubrey out of this sweet mess and comes up with an idea to bring her talent to the world via television.

As they work together Landon and Aubrey spend 3 weeks together to put things right. While living and working together, Aubrey and Landon fight to stay professional and keep their chemistry in check however they spectacularly fail at it. By the time their 3 weeks are done they not only fall for each other, put the bakery back on track towards a better future but also create another sweet mess. The way out from this mess is however not so easy there are tears, separation and anger which finally force them to reflect and decide what’s important to them. Landon finally faces his abandoned dreams, his love for Aubrey and the fear of his reputation and finds his way back to Aubrey and their future together.

A sweet mess is a fun love story, though a clichéd or rather a popular story/ trope it is set in a refreshing backdrop of the food industry with characters that made me laugh. I did not get much of an Asian/ Korean vibe from the overall story; however you an definitely pick up A Sweet Mess for a fun, casual reading experience.


Jayci Lee_Photo Credit Nichanh Nicole Photography
JAYCI LEE writes poignant, sexy, and laugh-out-loud romance every free second she can
scavenge and is semi-retired from her fifteen-year career as a defense litigator. She loves
food, wine, and travelling, and incidentally so do her characters. Jayci lives in sunny
California with her tall-dark-and-handsome husband, two amazing boys with boundless
energy, and a fluffy rescue whose cuteness is a major distraction. She is the author of A
Sweet Mess.
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