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Publication Day Push 365 Days of Gratitude Journal by Mariëlle S. Smith #bookreview and #extract @rararesources

Hello my fellow book lovers, hope you are doing as well as you can. Today’s book review is for a non fiction title. I do believe this title came to me at an appropriate time keeping in mind the World pandemic situation where more thna before we are in a position to truly know our blessings and be grateful for them.I have an extract for you which is truly a page from this Gratitude Journal by Mariëlle S. Smith. I hope you take that as a prompt for starting your Gratitude journey.

About the Book

‘Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.’ Rumi

Being grateful is easy…

…when nothing gets in your way.

But how do you keep at it no matter what life throws at you?

Enter 365 Days of Gratitude. Complete with daily prompts and weekly, monthly, and quarterly reflections, this undated journal will help you stay on track and keep you coming back for more.

After years of emotional numbing to survive life’s many curveballs, writing coach an intuitive healer Mariëlle S. Smith discovered the transformative power of practising gratitude. But, like no one else, she knows that cultivating an attitude of gratitude is easier said than done.

Her 365 Days of Gratitude Journal will help you get the hang of it and create a sustainable gratitude practice, just like she has.

Ready to commit to the life-changing power of gratitude?

My Thoughts

As the name 365 Days of Gratitude Journal suggests this is a journal or in simple terms a daily gratitude exercise book. We have an introduction by the author folowed by the gratitude prompts divided into Daily, Weekly, MOnthly and Quarterly prompt/exercise pages. So you have a page for each day of the year alongwith qauterly reflection pages where you analyse how the gratitude exercises are doing for you.

The authot is an expert in her field and for this journal’s launch is providing some great discounts for the printable version of the journal. More details at the end of the review. I would also recommend checking out the other blogs participating this book tour to go through the introduction and some Q & A’s by the author.

I would highly recommend this journal for the simplicity of it prompts and easy to navigate pages even if you are using a digital version as me. So if you are looking to start a gratiude habit through journaling I would suggest get this title to get started on a satisfying, mindful journey.

Here is an extract from the Journal. Happy Reading and discovering new author’s and stories.

Daily Prompts Page


Mariëlle S. Smith is a coach for writers and other creatives, an editor, and a (ghost) writer. Early 2019, she moved to Cyprus, and island in the Mediterranean Sea, where she organises private writer’s retreats, is inspired 24/7, and feeds more stray cats than she can count.

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Discount Code Get 50% off the printable PDF until 6 September 2020 with the following discount code: HAPPYLAUNCH. Go to or to claim your copy. 

Also available on Amazon.

Reviewed by Bee

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