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Hello Dear Book lovers and readers here, I hope you are doing well as you can. Today’s review is for a fantastic read titled above. Happy Reading and Discovering new authors and stories.


Title – The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim

Author – Jukes Wake

Genre – Romantic Comedy

Publisher – One More Chapter

Publication date – 30th April 2022


She’s trying to figure out her future.
He’s trying to forget his past.
But with the help of some unlikely friends, young and old, and a scruffy dog who just can’t help getting into trouble, a new community is formed – just when they all need each other the most.

My thoughts

The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim, a sensitive story dealt with a touch of humour and swimming. In this story we follow the lives of lead characters Ettie, Dominic and their friends, families all brought together by white lies and some laughs along the way.

Ettie is a character with rich work experience even though it comes from the various jobs she’s held for short terms. Dominic is her latest and hopefully long term boss as Ettie settles in and enjoys for working with him. The story is set in an old estate which with its plenty of space, woods, a lake has few humans inhibiting it. That is something Dominic works towards changing by turning the estate in a hotel which is why he employs Ettie as Girl Friday. Will Ettie prove to be as flaky and wild as her resumes suggests or will she be good for the Boss man – professionally and or personally. DO pick up a copy of this title to know and have a chuckling good time reading the antics of The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim, Club.

What I liked about the story:

1: The story at its heart deals with a sensitive topic, which most stories tend to take on a rather melancholic and heavy take usually in Fiction. This story, however was fresh, different in that way.

2: The can-do, never give up, onwards and upwards attitude of the lead Ettie Merman was a source of joy for me.

3: The sense of humour and dry wit of grumpy characters was indeed amusing and provided the right amount of light heartedness to the story.

The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim, is a sensitive story with a side of laughs and some swoon thrown in for good measure.

Jules Wake is the internationally bestselling author of over ten books includingThe SaturdayMorning Park Run. She also writes as Julie Caplin and herRomantic Escapesseries has hit the bestseller charts around the world.After reading English at the University of East Anglia, Jules Wake worked in PR where she honed her fiction writing skills onpress releases.She’s now a full-time author and what better job is there than making stuff up! It certainly beats housework.

Author Social Media – @Juleswake Twitter
Website –
Instagram: juleswakeauthor

Reviewed by Bee

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