Welcome to 27 Book Street

I started this blog in November 2015 as a project to keep me occupied. Ever since I started, I have learnt quite a bit about blogging, my own reading habits and the struggles and happy moments of seeing this project flourish and do well. Overall, so far so good and hopeful for the future. Thank you for all your support and love.

Name: 27BookStreet – 27 is my lucky number & Street because I will be talking about books and a few of my favorite things. Think of it as a virtual street with shops featuring Book Reviews [honest, without too many spoilers and the emotions & thoughts that came to my mind while reading the story] and Pop-up stores featuring life style goodies either reviewed or swooned over.

Review Policy: No one is getting paid to post reviews here. My source of books is, personally bought, won in competitions and/or acquired from authors/ publishers/ Net Galley. Once I have enough time available and better understanding of blogging I will accept review requests.

About me: A bookworm with quirky tastes. Dreaming is a favorite hobby & multi-tasking second nature. Keen observation is my superpower. That’s a little part of who I am.

I am based in Sunny India.

Hope to see you regularly on my book street; and who knows maybe you will start noticing more about how the books you read are making you feel.

Get comfortable; grab a cuppa, some cake & Read On to find a new book to read or to know my thoughts on a book familiar to you.

Want to collaborate or guest blog here, email me here:

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