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Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri #bookreview @srishtipub

Hello lovely readers, today’s #bookreview is Indian Fiction. Happy Reading y’all.


Rating – 4 /5


Prisha Khatri is a regular college graduate, focused on her career, desperate to finally move out of her parents’ house… and freshly dumped by her successful fiancé. When she lands a job at a prestigious media house, she’s glad to have something to take her mind off her heartbreak.
What she doesn’t expect is to be landed on a business trip with a famously fiery reporter Rajesh Lagheri. He’s travelling to a business conference for a story, and doesn’t seem impressed by her involvement. But as soon as they’re out of the office, things change, and it becomes clear that there is more to Rajesh’s trip than meets the eye.
As Prisha is drawn into the story he’s trying to hide from their editor, their hunt for the story grows more intense, and she finds herself growing closer to Rajesh. As their chemistry threatens to overwhelm them and Prisha is pulled deeper into the Seductive Affair, she must decide what matters most to her – matters of the head, or of the heart.

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Seductive Affair

My thoughts

The story revolves around 2 journalists, Rajesh and Prisha, 1 a seasoned, acclaimed and the other just starting out, on her first assignment.

Their’s is a struck at first sight kind of story. The moment they see each other for the first time, there’s attraction, which grows with every time they cross paths. Their attractions takes a turn towards something more when they travel together for an assignment.

What I liked,

– The story line was sharp and on point. It was paced nicely and as the story takes place in a span of 2-3 weeks there wasn’t any space left for dragging the story unnecessary.

– The characters were pretty okay, they portrayed an edge where their emotions were concerned; which I liked.

– The covertness of gathering information , hunting for that exclusive breaking news item, was all exciting and fun to read.

What I didn’t like,

– I wasn’t sure of the emotions between the characters, there was an element of deceive in their attraction. I felt it could go all wrong and the girl will have het heart broken. Again, I thought she was too trusting and acted entitled to the hero’s affections. So, till the end I was on the edge of their seductive game and waited for it to go wrong.

But true to the title It is a Seductive Affair in the end.
I’d read this story for there’s one thing I like about #indianfiction is it’s fast pace and the fact I can read it in one go, in a day and it’s an enjoyable reading experience.


Rishabh Puri is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a flair for writing. Contributing to his family business since the age of 18, he makes his home in Lagos, Nigeria and Dubai, UAE. He has previously authored the bestselling novel Inside the Heart of Hope.

Reviewed by Bharti

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