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Catching Irish by Katy Regnery #bookreview @katyregnery

Hello lovely readers, Happy Monday and hope you grab this beautiful novella and have a great time reading it,like I did.


Author & Publisher – Katy Regnery

Released – August 2018

Rating – 5/5

Set in – America


From the New York Times bestselling author of The Blueberry Lane series comes a new trio (and one novella!) of romances featuring the Haven triplets!

Finian Kelley and Tate Jennings met at a wedding…
…but that doesn’t mean they had romance in mind.

Since meeting Finian Kelley at a wedding last fall, where they agreed to be physical with no strings attached, Tate Jennings can’t get him out of her head. So when an invitation arrives at her Florida condo, inviting Tate to spend St. Patrick’s Weekend back at Summerhaven where Finian works, she can’t resist heading up to New Hampshire for the festivities.

Having just gotten out of an awesomely bad relationship, Finian Kelley has sworn off romance, which is why it’s good that hottie Tate Jennings lives far away in the Florida Keys. They may have fooled around at Rory’s wedding, but at least they have no future together, right?

Wrong. When an annual celebration brings Tate back to New Hampshire, will Finian be able to stay away from the woman who’s already made an unwanted impression on his heart?

Return to Summerhaven one last time for this sweet, sultry, summer novella!


Book #1: Fighting Irish (Rory and Brittany)
Book #2: Smiling Irish (Tierney and Burr)
Book #3: Loving Irish (Ian and Hallie)
Book #4: Catching Irish (Fin and Tate)

Book now available at retail booksellers.

My thoughts

Catching Irish, Finian, is one serious hottie and not just with his rogue Irish handsomeness. He is sweet, passionate, take charge and knows how to treat his woman right and exactly like she needs it. He reads Tate like a book and enjoys their time together with all its ups and downs.

I absolutely loved how they both are direct with each other and don’t beat around the bush. They just make the most of their time and are sure of whatever is happening between them.

In the end, the Epilogue written by the author is simply Perfect. It is like a part love, part nostalgic love letter to the reader; the author gives a glimpse of how their futures will look like. And, to be honest it was perfect the way the author gave the reader closure about the lovely characters of this series. I wish more authors did it this way.

The Summerhaven Series is a healthy dose of some Irish heart and soul, the accent and sweet nothings paired with some roguish charm of the guys go down fine. I enjoyed every story of this series.

To know more about the author, click here

Reviewed by Bharti

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