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Blog Tour #bookreview An Unconventional Affair by Mollie Blake @rararesources

Hello lovely readers, we have an #erotic suspense on the blog today. It is part 1 of more to come in the story soon.

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Title – An Unconventional Affair. ( Book 1 – A Cheshire Love Story)

Author – Mollie Blake

Published – August 2018

Rating 4.5/5

Location set in – Manchester, UK


An Unconventional Affair. Book 1 Email Indulgence
Tranquility “Tee” Hammond is head of a law firm. Having escaped a violent husband, with a son she was really too young to have had, her life revolved around her work. There was little time for anything else and she didn’t need anything else. When she was inclined to treat herself to a little sexual pleasure, she engaged the services of Email Indulgence—an exclusive club—one email for one night of sex with a man she didn’t know and didn’t need to care about again. For her, it was enough. But her life was about to be changed by a friend of Tee’s son at university, Barrington Stone, fifteen years her junior who is determined to woo her into an unconventional affair.

My thoughts

An Unconventional Affair is how Tee and Barrington fall for each other. What’s Unconventional about that, you’ll say! It’s their ages, with more than a decade’s difference between them Tee and Barrington make for an uncommon yet sensible couple.

This is Book 1 in their story and as expected it is about how they fall for one another, fight it before finally accepting it. The story ends at a cliffhanger which, proper, disappointed me. And I am so looking forward to how their story progresses.

The characters are well written, the story flow is pretty neat. I enjoyed and was impressed by the strong leads, both, Tee and Barrington. The suspense and unexpected turns kept me happy when reading this lovely affair.

So read this for some soulful, heart-warming attraction between the couple. You will find it hard to dismiss this or think of it as an inappropriate or a cougar story.


Mollie Blake is a published author of contemporary romance. A lover of reading sexy stories, Mollie decided to go one step further and write her own. Her romances are filled with danger and peppered with hot sexy scenes. She is a member of International Thriller Writers and UK Romantic Novelists Association.

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Reviewed by Bharti

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