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Reading Recommendations for #Christmas 2018 #bookblogger #christmasreads

Hello dear readers, booklovers, reading enthusiasts. I have a list of #books to share with you. Christmas and New Year being a week apart means most of us get a good chunk of free time, this time of the year. So it’s as good a time as any to read something with not only a festive touch but something that makes us look forward to the new year.

I have just the titles for you fellow readers. These are titles I have enjoyed and would reread in the years to come. Without further faffing, here’s the #booklist Happy Holidays and Happy Reading.

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Here’s the #books in my Christmas #readingrecommendations

  1. Moonlight on the Thames by Lauren Westwood

This story is set in London and has some very unlikely, to pair up with, characters in the lead. The story is set around Christmas and has enough of the London Christmas charm to make you believe in the upcoming magic of it. The plot had emotions which made me feel great and quite honestly it is a breathtakingly beautiful story. My interpretation puts this story’s main theme as Love.

2: The Mother of all Christmases by Milly Johnson
Wow! This story has a very comforting feel to it with characters going about life the best they can. Friendships are formed, pregnancy clubs joined, mini fires and dramas overcome. I firmly put this story under the Friendship theme. It’s simply a delight to read with plenty Christmas crackers around.

3: The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan
For the past couple of years I have read a Sarah Morgan book around Christmas. She has had one every year, pretty neat and helpful for her writing fans, I say. This year I read it a bit earlier in the year, The Christmas Sisters is her latest in the change of style she has embraced in her last 3 titles. The book is set in Scottish Highlands and I must say no matter how cold and isolated the towns get I love the small, tight knit community. This story is about 3 sisters and the couple who bring them up. There are secrets, grudges but a lot of love too. The general seasonal anxieties paired with things left unsaid for decades come to a head when the family is together for Christmas. My interpretation puts this story under the themes of Family and New Beginnings.

4: Snowflakes and Cinnamon Swirls at the Winter Wonderland by Heidi Swain.
This story, literally, will take you to a festive, winter wonderland with Christmas all around. Plenty of mince pics, sweet treats, Christmas lights and gatherings around. The characters are very, very likable and the story is so easy to enjoy and read through. The theme for this one is New Beginnings after a great festive season for its characters.

4 might seem an odd number of recommendations but worry not,I have a couple more.

For Contemporary romance lovers I would love to recommend Emily March’s A Christmas Wishing Tree. It released a while back, though part of a series set in a beautiful town, can be read as a standalone. There’s family, romance, community friendships, a little bit of everything with that quintessential small town charm and enthusiasm. I have loved all the books set in Eternity Springs and this was pretty good with it’s new and some old Christmas traditions.

For those who want to read something Historical, I have Jean Fullerton’s A Ration Book Christmas. The story is set around the World War, in East End, London. The characters are hard working Blue collar locals and Irish immigrants. It beautifully captures the spirit of these hard working characters. You will enjoy their resilience and how they grab every bit of happiness, smiles and joy they can.

There’s a review of this title on the Blog, if you want to check out.

Hope some or all these books find their way in your hands and you enjoy some cosy, happy reading times this holiday season. See you in the New Years.

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