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February 2019 Reading Wrap up – Mini #bookreviews

Hello dear readers, hope you had a good reading month, here’s the books I read in February. Happy discovering some new titles and authors.

Being a short month, it was pretty good reading wise as I got around finishing 13 of them.

  1. The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary

Releasing April 2019

This is a debut title and a very impressive one at that. I loved the plot of the story and it’s quirky characters were very likable. It is about 2 flatmates who get to know each other via notes they leave for each other around the house. It is a while before they physically meet and ultimately fall for one another.

A definite pick me up title for me.

2 & 3 are by the same author Melonie Johnson.

The titles are Getting Hot with the Scott (April 2019) and Smitten by the Brit (May 2019). The stories are about American friends going for a Euro trip and meeting natives. I had high expectations for these titles but was disappointed by the premise. The story line felt very formulaic and peppered with more clichés than to my liking.

4: The Cliff House by RaeAnne Thayne

Releasing 26 March 2019

This was my first title by the popular American author. I was pretty happy with the writing and the storyline. If you are a Sarah Morgan fan then you will like this story.

The story revolves around 2 sisters brought up by their young aunt. It has an important part of the story dedicated to foster families. The themes are family, friendship and second chances.

5: Motion by Penny Reid.

Released February 2019

I have a review of this hot, new swoony story by smart romance writer Penny Reid. Just click here.

6: Entangled by J. S. Scott

Releasing 30,April 2019

Another title I was expecting to be good ended to be not so good. The story and it’s characters felt summarized. I felt like i didn’t even get to know them properly by the end of the story.

7: A Perfect Cornish Summer by Phillipa Ashley

Releasing 25, April 2019

A first by the British author for me and I absolutely enjoyed spending summer in the Cornish town. The story revolves around local pillar of community Sam and returning home local boy turned celebrity chef. The small town vibe, tight knit community, secrets, friendship and love makes this a winner for me.

8: The Secrets of Paper and Ink by Lindsay Harrel

Released 26,February 2019

Wow! This was a surprising winner for me. It is a very layered story with women empowerment, domestic violence and breaking out of a rut as its themes. The story revolves around 3 women, set in Cornwall, England. A very nice example of reading a story and discovering another story inside it.

9: One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan.

Releasing 4 April, 2019

In this story the lead spends a summer in Paris, rebuilding her confidence, on the way she meets and makes people who she forms great friendships with. Also, past secrets are revealed, new directions are taken. It is such a warm story with friendship as its heart and soul that the pages just flew.

10: Poppy’s Recipe for Life by Heidi Swain

Releasing 30,May 2019

As the title says the story is about Poppy and her view in life. She has a point of view, a set of beliefs and she doesn’t compromise on them in any circumstances. She wants to help those in need, make sure everyone around her is happy and included and she makes sure of it.

It is about how people and her surroundings clash with her beliefs before agreeing with her. It was a cosy read with overall great, friendly atmosphere.

11: Island in the Sun by Janice Horton

Released January 2019

Set on an island with unpredictable weather with a touch of quirky characters and treasures from the sea it was a very happy read for me.

12: The Gift of Friends by Emma Hannigan

Released, February 2019

This is the last title by a author we lost to Cancer a few months back. I have loved Emma’s previous titles and her last was very emotional, warm and a beautiful ode to friendship. You gotta read this one if friends are an important pillar in your life.

13: Born Bad by Heather Burnside

Released 2017

A crime story, the writing is good however the story isn’t anything new. It’s about how children from a dysfunctional, abusive family grow up to be criminals even after trying not to.

14: Needlemouse by Jane O’ Connor

Releasing 1,May 2019

Sylvia is in her early fifties, spends weekends volunteering at a hedgehog sanctuary. The story shows parallels between her life and that of a hedgehogs nature. In a word this os a Bittersweet story and I was happy reading it.

That was my reading experience in February, do comment and and tell me which story appealed to you.

Reviews by Bharti

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