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The Winter Wedding by Abby Clements – Book Review

Happy 2016. I wish you a happy and a better year than the last. I have some great books to read and review for the blog in 2016, hope you like them and pick up a few for yourselves.

First review of 2016 is for The Winter Wedding by Abby Clements. I loved it and if you received it as Christmas present you will definitely enjoy reading it.




Abby Clements is a new author to me and I received The Winter Wedding as a review copy from the publishers. Now, don’t go thinking that I received a free book and will have a biased review. No way, my fellow reader. I would have ultimately bought and gifted the book too. That’s how much I liked the story. Yeah, more thoughts below 🙂



Title: The Winter Wedding
Author: Abby Clements
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Published: November 2015
Format reviewed: Paperback
Rating: 5 stars

Hazel never set out to be a wedding planner. She was just helping her stressed sister Lila with cakes and décor for her big day. But when Lila and Ollie’s summer ceremony is a runaway success, with guests raving about the food and styling at the pretty venue, word about Hazel’s expertise soon spreads.

But Hazel’s clients expect the very best – she’s promised lawyers Gemma and Eliot a snow-covered castle in the Scottish Highlands, and laid back couple Josh and Sarah a bohemian beach wedding in a Caribbean paradise. But as weather, in-laws and willful brides conspire against her, can Hazel get two very different couples to walk up two very different aisles to say ‘I do’?

From the author of the bestselling The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop, this is a festive treat of a novel.

Professions of the main characters
: Set designer and Assistant director.

My Thoughts:

The start of the story basically pulled me in and I finished the story in one sitting. The narration was simply brilliant and engaging. For me it was 4-5 hours and the pages kept turning easily. So about 300 odd pages in 4 hours, to some of you that must be 1 too many hours. Well, I tend to get lost in imagining the plot, with some stories it’s like watching a movie being filmed live in front of me. I bet that’s happened to quite a few of you 😉

The emotions and situations described in the story were easily relatable. There was no over the top drama, the highs and lows in the lives of the characters were real enough and described in a beautiful, comforting manner. Sure some of you would find a couple of situations dramatic or above normal, what made them normal and real were how they were handled. Like Hazel dealing with her lying boss who takes her for granted. Sure Hazel was angry with the circumstances but she didn’t went off the rails, instead she tried to make sense of it and found courage to put down her feet and come out a winner. It was scary to be out of a job and taking a risk doing new independent business, but she took it in her stride and braved the ups and downs of it all. Her personality made her an endearing character.

Hazel, for me was the heroine I could see myself as. She had a strong, quiet and distinct presence.

The bond shared by the twins was another highlight and made the background story strong. It’s often said that twins share a strong emotional bond, they sure do but they also have their own independent lives. After a certain age they go their separate ways and have their own separate lives while still being in touch with each other, which is described here in a delicate manner. Often siblings grow apart and get busy with their own lives, I would say twins are a touch lucky in this matter. Their emotional bond and connection is a level better than normal siblings which reflects in this story.

Seeing Hazel share her flat, random everyday things with someone, other than her twin Lila, for the first time was fun. She kept an open mind and found a great friend in her new roommate. She took a risk personally as well as professionally. She tried a new profession, that of a wedding planner, that’s where the title comes from. It was refreshing to see her stay true to her passions and talent of set designing even after losing the job and seeing it pay off towards the end was simply great. Hazel’s risk paid off and in the end she went back to doing what she loved and opened the door to Love as well. This story has a happy ending in all departments and that’s always a fantastic way to end the story.

Grab a copy now and lose yourself in this wonderful story; A perfect weekend read with a cup of hot chocolate.

Amazon US | Amazon India


Reviewed by Bharti



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