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Campaigning for Christopher by Katy Regnery – Book Review

TEB-The-Blueberry-Lane-SeriesI am on back on Katy Regnery’s Blueberry Lane for this week’s review. This time around I am here for Campaigning for Christopher, which is Book 4 & the last book of The Winslow Brothers [Part 2 of the Blueberry Lane Series]. Chris & Jules’s story released a few days back i.e. November 17,2015CampaigningforChrisEbookCover-200x300As you may know I absolutely ♥ Katy’s books and this title is extra good due to its story line, a bumpy start and how they come together and fall in love. Without further ado, here’s what Chris & Jules made me feel.

Book Details:
Title: Campaigning for Christopher
Author: Katy Regnery
Published: 17.11.2015
Publisher: Katy Regnery
Format Reviewed: eBook
Rating: 5 stars

Story: Campaigning for Christopher is the fourth of four books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome [brawn with hearts] Winslow brothers who are all on the look-out for love.
Christopher Winslow, the youngest of the four Winslow brothers, was born with a silver spoon in his privileged mouth, which has made it difficult for him to establish his credibility in the fast-approaching congressional race. Working against the clock to assure Pennsylvania voters that he is forthright, trustworthy and able has been an exhausting challenge, but Christopher’s chances at beating the incumbent look good
Julianne Crow, a plus-size model struggling to make ends meet, jumps at the chance to make a little extra cash on the side. What does she have to do? Slip something into Christopher Winslow’s drink and take some very naughty pictures with him.
But Christopher is nothing like Julianne expected, and when her actions sabotage his hard-earned campaign only a month before the election, her guilt is overwhelming. She offers Christopher her help in an effort to repair the damage she’s caused, but can anything change the fact that he sees her as an opportunist and a mercenary? When she starts campaigning for Christopher, he may find out there’s more to her than meets the eye!

My Thoughts:

Top 3 reasons I love this story:

  1. It is a Katy Regnery book, she writes stories just how I love them. It’s like she knows exactly what will make me laugh, swoon, cry and jump with joy. Her writing and stories make me feel at home and part of the plot very easily. With the right mix of emotions and situations she dishes up delicious story lines.
  2. This story has conflict and high tension with lust and love right in the center of things. The situations are full of energy and a lingering tension indicating that anything can go wrong with a blink of an eye. All of which makes it an exciting, fast paced read.
  3. Love triumphs in the midst of anger and hatred, not because of lust but with understanding, admiration and undeniable chemistry between the characters.

My favorite Campaigning for Christopher teasers from our Facebook Group

CFC Teaser

What’s so special about enemies to lovers you might say? I enjoyed reading not just about them lusting after each other, but also about their passions in life. About Julianne’s background, her strength and beliefs. It is refreshing to see someone brave strong hatred and anger so they can right their wrongs at all costs. Jules displayed bravery in facing Chris’s wrath not just because she wanted to help with the  damage control for the mess created by her in the first place; but she believed in him, of what he said when they first met and the warmth she felt from him. Then there is hotiee Chris’s hard work to prove his credibility, his passion for doing well for his city and his country on the whole. The conflict and tension between Chris and Jules with moments of passion makes it an exciting read. It is endearing to see how they overcome hatred and anger to identify love, passion and respect underneath all the negativity. Now that may sound easy but to make that happen takes patience and an open mind. You either believe in goodness in people or you are just pessimistic. In the end I would say there are some people about whom you feel ‘there’s more than meets the eye’; and it’s a privilege to meet and have such people in your corner.

CFC Teaser 2

What makes a good read for me and I am sure many of you is a fantastic story line, lovable characters, emotions and situations you can relate to and the pace of the story. This story ticked all these boxes for me and more which is why I love it and would re -read it without a doubt.

If you are ready to meet Chris and Jules here are the buying links:

Apple iBook:
Barnes & Noble:

If Katy is a new author for you, download Breaking up with Barrett [Amazon UK Link] which is free on most ebook platforms. It is the 1st book in The English Brothers series and the gateway to Blueberry Lane. All stories can be read stand alone. I would suggest for a great read get the collection as some characters appear across stories which I enjoy as I know most of them and is my favorite book family series.

I would love for you to know Katy and her books, visit her website and be a part of our awesome Facebook Group.

Reviewed by Bharti

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