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MSM Box [Subscription Box] – Product Review

1st Product Review on 27 Book Street is of my current favorite India based Beauty Subscription Box.

About MSM Box: MSM stands for My Style Mile. In their own words [as published on the website –] began in 2012 as a beauty & fashion blog, with the aim of providing quality content to its readers and of keeping them updated with the latest trends in India and abroad.

However the co-founder and chief editor, Bindu (a self-confessed beauty junkie herself!) soon realized that more was needed than just content. She realized how difficult and inefficient it was to sift through innumerable beauty brands in the market and to figure out which one to buy. Thus was born the idea of a curated beauty box service. was finally launched in Oct 2014. Simply put, is a discovery e-commerce platform that offers consumers the opportunity to buy, try and enjoy beauty brands in the market.

For a nominal subscription of either Rs. 495/- [4.95GBP/7$] for the MSM Express Box or Rs. 995/- for the MSM Select Box, every month, you get a surprise goodie box containing beauty, grooming and lifestyle products from new and established beauty brands, and then some!

MSM has various subscription plans but we can also order one off boxes. And the next time I see an edition/curation I like I would order it and you will hear all about it on 27 Book Street.

My thoughts on the MSM Anniversary Edition Box:

I agree with their philosophy, as mentioned above and after getting my 1st box I must say their motto – ‘a lot in a little’- sets us apart from any other beauty box currently in the market’ is bang on and I got value for my money.

MSM celebrated their 1st Anniversary in October, Happy Anniversary again Team. To celebrate they had an anniversary edition box, which I ordered. A few unboxing You Tube videos & online reviews prompted me to check out the Rose edition. So I checked out their website & I must admit the price sealed the deal for me. Rs. 495 only!! Seeing how the subscribers, fashionistas and beauty bloggers were loving this edition the subscriptions were extended up to 10th Nov. So I treated myself with their Rose edition MSM express box as a Diwali Gift.

Image – from the website

Image Source: website

Story behind the Rose theme:

“She did not need anyone’s love when she had roses….”
Rose, the most popular flower in the world, is a symbol of love and beauty.
At MSM Box we understand the importance of this fragrant flower in our daily beauty and skin care regime. So, on our first birthday, we decided to go all out and create our first ever rose box, filled with products made using rose essential oils and petals, specially curated for our subscribers.
So get ready to celebrate this festive season and delight your senses!

I am not much of a make-up person. Like, I wouldn’t know the difference between a blusher and a bronzer or a highlighter. But perfumes and grooming products are a different game all together. Add the latest rage over subscription boxes in India and I found a winner with MSM Box.

Books are my thing, make up not so much, actually not at all. But that said I do pay attention to grooming and who doesn’t love to smell great. No make-up doesn’t mean I have an excuse to look shabby and unpolished; for that natural dewy look I have efficient cleansers and face masks for a clean fresh looking face every time. The Rose Edition took care of it all and that’s why I ordered it. A little scented candle while reading or writing, some essential oil burning for relaxation or during festivals and parties; that’s more of my Jam. Let me show you the goodies in the pretty Box. Since this was my 1st purchase at MSM I got a bonus product, YAY.

The products have a pleasant, subtle fragrance, nothing overpowering or headache inducing, if you are allergic.

  1. A handmade Rose soap [has a subtle fragrance after use and leaves you sufficiently moisturized for a few hours]
  2. A face mask [I haven’t tried yet, waiting for skin allergies to clear up]
  3. A candle [has pleasant notes of rose and sandalwood, not overpowering]
  4. An orange scented essential oil [imagine someone peeling oranges near you, yes exactly, the oil has the same heavenly scent; The candle and essential oil create a relaxing ambiance while I am reading or writing.]
  5. A lip balm [My absolute favorite is the lip balm because winters are here and moisture is not so the lippie comes in super handy]
  6. Bonus product: H2O brand’s cleansing water, again waiting for allergies to clear up so I can try it.

I loved all the products and would order them again, some regularly and some for special occasions. The thing with subscription boxes is some products are more luxurious and heavy on the pocket if you buy them regularly like the soap in this edition, which I will buy less often than the lip balm or the essential oil. True they serve different purpose but when you are looking for value for money price becomes an essential factor in deciding your purchases. That said the beauty of these curated boxes lies in treating yourself with goodies you won’t normally try and discovering products which you will keep coming back to.

This is how my goodies look

My suggestion, visit the MSM BOX website, see their previous curated boxes and order an express Box to get an idea for yourself before subscribing to a 3/6 monthly plan directly. Or if you are in an indulging mood opt for #PowerToChoose; it is the Build Your Own MSM Box option, where you get to choose what products go in to the Box + a discount.

For more details on subscription options, shipping and payment options or on Build Your Own MSM Box, Please visit the MSM website.

Still thinking, here is a referral link to get you started, Get 10% discount for any products you order from the shop, just to be clear, the discount is not on the subscription box, but on the products on the website which are sold separately.

Treat yourself to a MSM Box, November Box is out and is Lovely, or to any of the product/s you liked from the Rose edition box. Don’t forget to come back here and share your thoughts, feedback with me.

Stay lovely and groomed until the next time.

Reviewed by Bharti

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